The Renegade Brigade: Renegade Postgame press conference

Dallas Renegades week 4


The Dallas Renegades lost to the New York Guardians 30-12.  On the season, the Dallas Renegades are winless at home. A visibly frustrated Bob Stoops talked to the media last night. Within this post-game presser, Stoops discussed many topics. Like how his team played overall.  As well as how the game got out of hand in the third quarter. Thirdly, how well the pass defense looked.  Lastly, how frustrating being winless at home truly is.  All press notes are by the XFL RENEGADES MEDIA DEPARTMENT 2020.

Opening Statement

“Again, congrats to Coach Kevin Gilbride and New York. They did an excellent job, played an excellent game and really put it on us. It’s a lot of the same old story with us, kind of the same old things. Just very ineffective offensively – big touchdowns, an interception for a touchdown, and those kinds of things continue to plague us.

Defensively I thought, overall, was pretty solid outside of the one big play we gave up. [RB] Austin Walter was a big bright spot with the huge kick return. He had over 200 yards in return yardage, which was excellent.

Those special team guys have played exceptionally well. So anyway, just a disappointing loss and we have to be much better. I take the blame for that as a coach. Us coaches have to do a better job, and hopefully, with this long week, we can get some things figured out and move forward.” 

 On losing control of the game in the third quarter

“You come out at half, and it’s really the one poor drive that the defense gave up the entire day. Really, the last several games we haven’t given up long drives. So that was disappointing. That’s not like us. Offensively, we gave up a deflection for a touchdown, and the other times, I don’t know. There were a bunch of punts in there as well. We just weren’t good enough.”

 On the pass defense 

“Not just pass defense, but I think overall the defense – the one drive and the one double move, the deep ball – outside of that I really thought they did a good job. You always want more. You want to take away the big play, but it’s hard to be perfect when you’re out there for 60, 70, 80 plays. It’s not easy to be perfect every time. So, I thought they fought really well and continued to try and keep us in the game.”

 On frustration that comes from not winning at home yet

“It’s terribly frustrating because we had a great setup out there again today. I appreciate the fans coming out and being loud and being a part of it and showing enthusiasm for us. So, who knows how fun they’ll be when we put it together and give them a lot more to cheer about. So yeah, it’s frustrating.” here’s the video from the press conference.  

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