Torey Krug Signs With St Louis Blues


Well as the Hockey/NHL fans would know the stars are signing elsewhere, leaving one team for the hopes of a better future or more luscious contract! So first, let’s talk about the St Louis Blues and their signing of Boston Bruins defenseman, Torey Krug, who was signed to the team after the Blues had to let go of their captain Alex Pietrangelo.


Who is Torey Krug

A defenseman for the St Louis Blues, he went to Michigan State and signed a contract in 2012 with the Bruins. He did appear in the finals once.


Torey Krug’s new contract is a 7 year $45.5 million dollar contract and he is set to be a free agent in 2027!

What does Torey Krug Bring to St. Louis

Krug brings an offensive kind of defenseman to the Blues hockey team, something that they really didn’t have. But Krug had 9 Goals on the year though Krug is not a shutdown defenseman like Alex Pietrangelo was.


My thoughts on the Torey Krug signing

I like the signing of Torey Krug. I don’t know if they plan on using him in the first line, but I think that although they will lose a shutdown defenseman the Blues will be adding in an offensive defenseman to bolster the roster. We will see what happens, but I expect Krug to do good things with the Blues.

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