The Renegades Brigade: Dallas Where Home Is Not So Sweet

Renegades Guardians

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The Dallas Renegades really do not have a home-field advantage. It’s quite strange how they can not find a way to get the W at home.   Then again, numbers never lie.   Let’s take a look at the tape and stats and see how things went down.

 Offensive suffering

The offense certainly is struggling. I mean, look at the numbers.  The Renegades offense was lacking flow.  And they seemed to be stuck in the mud.



 Running Game

Hal Mumme, who is the offensive coordinator, seems to be hell-bent on not using a huge asset that this offense has, the running game.  You can’t just ” air raid” and not utilize the running game too.   Last night the Renegades had given their most dynamic playmakers 14 total touches for 56 yards. And the longest gain of four yards.  I mean, you have Cameron Artis-Payne and Lance Dunbar, use them.

The defense knew Dallas was not going to run the ball.  They went into pass protection and covered the receivers really well.  Boom the pocket collapsed on Nelson, and the Guardians got the sack.  They did that on three different occasions for a loss of four yards.  The Guardians also broke up 12 total passes.  So not very productive is an understatement.

Making the backfield multidimensional is crucial for any offense.   Establishing the running game can open up many possibilities like play-action, screen passes, and throwing the ball downfield.  But instead, they only let them use part of the passing game.  Which did very little for the offense.  Dunbar got four receptions for 18  yards.  While Artis-Payne got three. However, one bright spot is Austin Walter, who had a kickoff return for a touchdown.  And when he was asked about this during the press conference, he said

We were working on it all week, and I knew that with the scheme and the way that we had it blocked up, it was going to hit.…everything just came together. My teammates did their parts, and it was just up to me to finish it.”

-Dallas Renegades Media provided the quotes

That was one of the bright spots in the game.

Philip Nelson 

Philip Nelson is not the answer.  We have seen this quarterback struggle for two games.  He clearly can not deliver the ball where it needs to go.  Last night he was 28 for 48 for 210 yards and threw two interceptions.  His lack of progression downfield is concerning.   He said and I quote,

We have to execute better. I need to execute better. That’s really what it just comes down to. I just have to execute better.” –Dallas Renegades Media

He does, however, find Flynn Nagel on his routes.  Who he has targeted nine times. Here’s what Nelson said about their chemistry.

Flynn’s a great receiver. He’s a reliable guy. We just have to keep building that repertoire and keep working.” -Dallas Renegades Media

Donald Parham

The star tight end was targeted nine times and caught four of them.  He ended up only gaining 34 yards.  Again he didn’t deliver the ball where the big guy could get it. Parham did seem to be injured during the game. Maybe the injury seemed to affect his performance. He and the other quarterbacks need to build chemistry.

Defense was tired

Philip Nelson did not help out his defense either.  The offense not being able to move the ball down the field really gassed the defense.  The defense was simply on the field for way too long.  Three and outs and turnovers caused the time of possession to swing in favor of the New York Guardians.

As a result, the defense gave up big pass plays and yardage.  More specifically, the tired defense gave up 114 yards on the ground.  And 229 yards through the air for 343 yards total.

In conclusion, the offense did not play very well.  Philip Nelson needs to be benched. Nelson’s inability to throw the deep ball and accuracy is hurting this offense. Hal Mumme’s concept of not running the ball is killing this offense.  The offensive line is getting beat in protection because of the play calling.

The defense is getting the short end of the sticks, and suffering because the offense did not move the ball down the field.  Hopefully, the Renegades can work everything out before next weeks games against the DC Defenders.


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