The Renegade Brigade: Post Game Quotes with Bob Stoops 3-1-20

post game


After Sunday’s loss Bob Stoops was asked a variety of questions about his team’s performance.  In his opening statement, he discussed the game as a whole.  And complimented the Houston Roughnecks defensive game plan that held the offense in check.  He also talked about the fans. And Stoops discussed Landry Jones‘s injury.  As well as looking at the game from their side of the ball both offensively and defensively. All  quotes provided by the Dallas

DALLAS RENEGADES Head Coach: Bob Stoops Opening Statement

“Heck of a game there today. My compliments as always to Coach Jones and his staff and players. They really played a heck of a football game, the defense in particular. Their defense came up with some
major turnovers that really wrote the story of the game.

I so appreciate the fans that were out there this afternoon. We had a great crowd, and it was a great environment. We have to get them a win. So hopefully, they’ll hang in there with us and give us some more opportunities.

Looking at the game, I find it amazing that with two minutes left in the game, we’re on the three-yard line with a chance to tie or maybe take the lead after giving up four interceptions and a fumble return for a touchdown and we got one turnover. So, there’s hope there that we’re doing a lot of things right, particularly defensively, to give ourselves opportunities and to keep us in the game.

Offensively, it’s just a lack of execution, and that comes off on us as coaches. We have to do a better job of being detailed and doing what we’re asking the guys to do. Sometimes it’s players. They have to execute better. We’re all in it together, and we believe that we will get it turned and be more consistent. That’s what we’ve really been pushing for.

On Landry Jones’ injury and crowd support today

Landry’s injury, we don’t know yet. Fortunately, he had the brace on and hopefully that minimizes what the damage is. I don’t know what it is just yet, and I’m sure he’ll have an MRI tomorrow and be further evaluated with our doctors here this evening.

I thought Phillip Nelson came in and did a great job, awesome job of always being ready to play. He does a great job in practice, and he came in ready for the opportunity. He led us down there and bobbled the screen, and they got another interception on us to seal the game. So, we have a short week. We’ll be here next Saturday with our game against New York.

Hopefully, our fans keep coming out. That was an awesome crowd out there today, and we appreciate it. We’re going to do our best to give them something to cheer about.”

On the running backs

“They’re really good players. That even needs to be consistent. Cameron Artis-Payne is a great running
back and Lance Dunbar, the two of them – I thought Houston did a good job of inviting us to run with some of their defensive sets and then junking it up by run stunting it and crossing us up. So we weren’t even as consistent as we would have liked to have been running it for those reasons. We have to be able to handle some of it, and some of it they just got us on.”

On Landry Jones’ turnovers and the frustration that comes with them

“There’s a ton of frustration for all of us coaches included, players. I think some of it too, it’s not all on Landry. The one where he throws the ball up over the receiver and the ball goes right through his hands, and it’s in the middle of the field, tipped. Then they dived and intercepted it. Same thing on the goal line. It went into the quarterbacks rating, but we threw a screen, it was right in his hands, but he bobbles it, and it goes right to them. So some of it – everybody has to take ownership of what part of it is theirs.

The first one, yeah, it’s on Landry – the ball was on the back of the receiver. So anyhow, it’s frustrating, and I marveled that we even had a chance to win today with the turnovers and one with a touchdown, the way they were.”

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