The Renegade Brigade: Lance Dunbar and Greer Martini

Lance Dunbar


The Dallas Renegades players met with the media to discuss the loss to the Roughnecks last Sunday.   Even in a loss, these players gave quality answers. All of these are content provided by the Dallas Dallas Renegades.

 Greer Martini (LB)

Greer Martini was up to the podium first. He answered many questions pertaining to the Houston Roughnecks offense.

On containing Houston QB P.J. Walker: 

“When you have an explosive player like that, it’s all about everyone trying to get to the ball. It’s also important for those secondary guys to stay in coverage longer because he extends plays. We knew going into it that we were going to have to cover longer than we have the whole season, and then up front we just had to disrupt him. We knew that was going to be a big part of the game.”

On the defensive effort to minimize the damage early in the game: 

“I think that when turnovers happen, defenses can sometimes have that play into their own philosophy and kind of get weak and let offenses drive down and get easy points. But it’s always been our emphasis that whatever the offense gets on us, they’re going to earn…When we line up, we’re going to make it really hard to score on us.”


Lance Dunbar (RB)

Lance Dunbar made himself really part of the Dallas offense of Sunday.   He rushed for 48 yards nine attempts.   Dunbar also rushed for a touchdown.  He discussed the running game and the offense turning the ball over five times.

On the Renegades’ success in the run game: 

“We came out with the mindset of putting the ball on the ground a little bit. We had a couple great plays and some big plays in the beginning. We just wanted to establish the run because it helps the offense be balanced. I thought our offensive line and our receivers did a great job of blocking, but we just didn’t do enough to win.”


On the offense’s five turnovers: 

“Any time you turn the ball over that many times, it’s going to be hard to win games…We just have to do a better job offensively of taking care of the ball. Our defense played their butt off all game, but we came up short. We didn’t do our part. You just have to get back to the drawing board, and that starts in practice all week.”

Here’s the video of the press conference

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