The Renegade Brigade: Houston Roughnecks players on how they played Dallas

Roughnecks players


On Sunday, the Houston Roughnecks defeated the Dallas Renegades 27-20. And this effort was a whole team effort. The Houston offense and defense really played well.  Here are some notes from the post-game press conference.  All press conference media was provided by the Dallas Renegades media group.

P.J. Walker, the quarterback from the Houston Roughnecks, came to the podium first.  He had a phenomenal game Sunday afternoon.  He was 25-41 for 239 yards passing. And he had two touchdowns and one pick.  He was asked about the Texas Rivalry.  And how he spread the ball around on Sunday.

 P.J. Walker (QB) On what a Texas rivalry could do for the game:

“I thought this game was very exciting and it was fun. The crowd noise was amazing. You could see as the way we battled it out that both teams played as hard as they can when they were on the field. We just have to continue this and continue to grow as a team.”

On what he saw to spread the ball out to different receivers throughout the game:

“I thought [Nick] Holley played a great game. To be honest, Ryheem [Malone] had two big
catches at the end of the game… It’s plays like those that are going to carry us throughout this season. We need guys to step up when they take Cam [Phillips] away and other guys around

Next at the podium was DeMarquis Gates.  Demarquis had an outstanding game Sunday.  The Roughnecks Linebacker had eight total tackles, one fumble recovery, and one pass deflection.  So Gates was active in Sunday’s game.  He was asked about the five turnovers. As well as on the interception in the last two minutes.

DeMarquis Gates (LB), On the five turnovers:

“The second half is mostly where you win your games at. You have to play four quarters, but it’s mostly going to come down to those last two quarters. You just have to try to be in shape and finish out to the end to get a win for the team.”

On the interception in the final two minutes:

“I was just trying to make a play. It was under two minutes, and they were getting down there close. We just tried to make a stop and get our offense back on the field to run out the clock, so we could walk away with that dub.”

Here’s the video of the post-game coverage

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