Silvers vs. Daniels: Who is the Right Choice?

The Seattle Dragons have been going through some troubles at the quarterback, Brandon Silvers has started every game, even going through some rough patches head coach Jim Zorn left him to play it out. That was until the second of Saturday’s loss against the BattleHawks when he put in BJ Daniels. He looked electrifying on the field, proving he still has the dual-threat capabilities under the hood keeping the defense on their feet with some nice runs and can air the ball out too.

Too Soon To Give up on Silvers?

Credit: Seattle Times

It’s not too soon to give up on him, in short. He has played in four games, none of them were stellar. At times it seems, Silvers gets a little anxious behind the line and chucks the ball in the air and hopes for the best. When Zorn benched him, Silvers went way off on his island on the Dragons sideline and had a very smug look on his face, which didn’t look very good on his resume.

Daniels, on the other hand, came out on the field, smiling and ready to go. He seems to bring the best to the whole team and has excellent leadership capabilities. The team is always on the same page when he’s on the field, and if there’s a mistake, BJ shakes it off as to where Silvers gets scared to throw there again.

Moving Forward

Going forward, Daniels should be the starting quarterback. Just imagine the crowd going insane when Daniels comes on the field in Seattle as a starter; they already had some epic “BJ” chants going during almost every home game. The stadium will explode if he comes in. It’s good for the team and the city to start the former Seattle Seahawk Super Bowl winner under center.

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