Vipers QB, Quinton Flowers, Requests a Trade

Quinton Flowers

Credit: Kathy Hitchcock Photography


USF Legend, Quinton Flowers, has requested a trade from the XFL’s Tampa Bay Vipers. Flowers came to the Vipers facility on Tuesday (March 3rd) after recovering from injury, and reportedly requested a trade (Via Joey Knight @TBtimes_bulls on twitter). 

Quinton Flowers, after playing on the Vipers squad through four weeks, is looking for a new spot to play. The Vipers are currently 1-3 coming off of a win vs. the DC Defenders. Flowers racked up 106 yards through the air on eight completions and 1 Interception. He also gathered 78 yards on the ground on 16 attempts with an additional 1 TD. Flowers came into the season as an option player at QB or RB. 

Landry Jones went down in the Renegades game vs. the Roughnecks, so they appear to need a quarterback. The Renegades are a prime spot that Flowers is looking to go to. They have shown interest in Flowers, and he appears to want to play there as well. Another destination for Flowers would be the New York Guardians, as they are having minor QB issues as well. 

The Vipers have two other QB’s (Taylor Cornelius, Aaron Murray), and they might be looking for another. If traded to the Renegades, rumors say that they will be looking for a DB or a LB. Options include Micah Abernathy (S), Tenny Adewusi (CB), or Asantay Brown (LB). All very viable options for the Vipers and the Renegades to trade upon.

While not having a breakout season with Tampa Bay, Flowers showed a lot of potential as a starting QB for one of these teams. Rumors are all we have on communication between teams, but since he requested a trade immediately when he came back, we can only assume that some trade talks had been happening. 

Flowers is one of the more talented players, and wherever he goes, teams clearly see talent in him. He will most likely miss a week of play and then start the week after if the team likes what they see. More to come.

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