The Renegade Brigade: Jeff Jagodzinski and Changing the Offensive Mindset

Jeff Jagodzinski


The Dallas Renegades announced Jeff Jagodzinski is now the offensive coordinator.  Hal Mumme has stepped down as offensive coordinator.  Here is why.

What’s with the change?

If you are like me, you are wondering why? Why was this change made? Well, I’ll tell you why.  According to the Dallas Renegades,” Hal Mumme is unable to continue those responsibilities due to an injury suffered in a sideline collision with a player on March 1.” I guess this injury was more significant than advertised. Hal Mumme will remain with the Renegades.  He will have an offensive advisor role.

Dallas Renegades statement

“We appreciate Hal’s hard work and efforts with our squad, particularly after his injury last weekend,” noted head coach Bob Stoops. “Unfortunately, it prevented him from performing in the way we needed for the Renegades.”

Bobby Blizzards New gig

Bobby Blizzard has a new gig as well. His role is now the Assistant Offensive Coordinator. Blizzard will handle play-calling along with being running backs coach. Blizzards has had experience leading an offense. Blizzard led the offense at Belhaven University from 2014-16. In 2014-16 his offenses were so lethal. They were ranked in the top two nationally for passing yards on two occasions. Jagodzinski will also keep his role supervising the offensive line.

Jagodzinski has a lot of coaching experience. Especially on the offensive side of the football. He has spent time as an NFL offensive coordinator with the Green Bay Packers (2006), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2009), and Georgia State University (2013-15).

Offensive numbers

In 2006 he was the offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers. The Pack was a very explosive offense with Jeff Jagodzinski at the helm.  In fact, they were in the top 10 in total offense. Very very deadly. But he has had success in other places as well.

College Football

Jeff Jagodzinski also thrived in the college ranks as well. Especially at Georgia State. The 2014  and 2015 GSU teams were volatile. They climbed in the top 25 in their Air raid attack.

Before Georgia State, Jeff was the head coach at Boston College in 2007-08. This is where he really took in career. He had much success at BC. Under his leadership, BC had a 20-8 (.714) record. In 1997-1998  he served as the Eagles offensive coordinator. That year the lethal Eagles offense soared 400 yards per game.

The Dallas Renegades will have their work cut out for them. They have a challenging task next week. They have to travel to the east coast to play DC Defenders on Sunday, March 15, at 3 pm CT. These changes will hopefully help the offense move the ball downfield and secure the win.

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