The Renegade Brigade: The Battle of Texas Post Game Press Conference

Houston Post game


The Houston Roughnecks coach had a lot of positives to say about his team’s performance Sunday afternoon in Arlington, Texas.  June Jones’ team contained the Renegades offense to under 300 yards total yards. The Roughnecks defense also caused three turnovers.  In this press conference, June Jones also discussed the third-down conversion percentage.  More specifically, the conversion rate in the second half.  And many more topics.  All of this press conference is provided by the Dallas Renegades media department.


On the impressive defensive performance

“The defense, we talk about those takeaways all of the time. Our defense just kept hanging
in there. We needed to score more points while we had our chance to do it with those
takeaways. But it’s a team game, and we did enough on both sides of the ball to win. I think
that’s going to be the start of a very good rivalry between Houston and Dallas, and we’ll be ready when they come back Thursday night, late.”

On if he has a plan to mix up the offense

“Basically I call the same plays every week and the defense can take away a player if they want to. They were double-teaming him [Cam Phillips] a lot, so the ball is going to go to different people on the offense. I don’t know how many catches Nick [Holley] had today, but Ryheem [Malone] had two big plays at the end and first downs. And P.J. [Walker] made good throws.”

On the three interceptions in the first quarter

“It definitely set the tone. It was disappointing that we only got six points on those three takeaways. I thought that was going to come back to haunt us. When it happened, that’s usually what happens, but the defense just kept hanging in there, and we made some big plays and got some more chances P.J. made a couple of big throws to get a couple of touchdowns for us, and we took advantage. It was a team game, and it was a team win for sure.”

On increased third-down conversion percentage in the second half

“I call plays differently than most guys. We’re throwing for touchdowns on third and one or two as opposed to trying to get the touchdown. That’s part of what we do, and we didn’t make those plays, we had a couple of chances to make them, but we didn’t. So, everybody knows you have to keep the chains moving, and we did better in the second half.”

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