The NAL Receives Two New Additions


This past week a lot of news has gone down within the NAL (National Arena League). The league received two new additions from the AAL (American Arena League). The defending AAL champion, West Virginia Roughriders, and the Jersey Flight.

West Virginia Roughriders

Larry Beavers
Credit: West Virginia Roughriders

The Roughriders are defending champions and went undefeated last year in the American Arena League (AAL). Wide receiver, Larry Beavers, was a total juggernaut all year. Beavers, along with his quarterback, Jarrett Brown, were two of the league MVPs. Beavers also went on to be the Offensive Player of the Year. I believe the team will be fair well in the new league. They demolished the AAL, and the NAL will only get them more attention.

Jersey Flight

Jersey Flight, NAL Addition
Credit: Jersey Flight

The Flight has an interesting history with the NAL. They were supposed to join for the 2018 season, but they didn’t meet the financial stability standards of the league. Right after the 2018 season, they received new ownership, which will help them benefit in many ways. The NAL announced the Jersey Flight, under their new ownership, was accepted to join the league for its upcoming 2020 season.

A Look At The NAL

After the additions, the NAL now consists of these teams: (The two newcomers bolded)

  • Carolina Cobras
  • Columbus Lions
  • Jacksonville Sharks
  • Jersey Flight 
  • Massachusetts Pirates
  • Orlando Predators
  • West Virginia Roughriders

The league should be in for a very competitive season. Last year’s new team, the New York Streets, was not listed on this year’s team roster yet. They played on an undersized field, so they may not have met requirements after the new additions.

Why You Should Watch

If you’ve never watched a NAL game, this should be the year you do. In my opinion, it’s indubitably the second-best arena league in the country only behind the AFL (Arena Football League). Tons of high octane competitive and competitiveness, especially with the new teams wanting to make their presence felt and ratify the league. This year it’s truly #NALorNever


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