Two Early Names To Watch At Burgh Defenders Tryouts

Burgh Defenders

Credit: Burgh Defenders Twitter


The Burgh Defenders are heading into their second season in the AAL, which means, like many arena football teams, it’s time to seek more talent. The Burgh Defenders tryouts are in Cheswick, Pennslyvania, at the Pittsburgh Sports Arena on November 2nd and will take place at 11:00 AM. The cost is $200 day of the tryout or $100 pre-register. Here are some of the names to watch at the tryout.

AJ Bowen

AJ Bowen
Credit: AJ Bowen

AJ Bowen, a defensive back who was formerly with the Burgh Defenders early last year before their first game. He was then released but offered a spot on the Beaver County Reapers, whose owner at the time was also affiliated with the Defenders. Bowen is a great all-around player on and off the field. He’s always seen training with the Steel City Kingz, who I have also written about. The Burgh clearly needs a bit of help at the defensive back area, and he could be the place to start the change. He can also play a bit of wide receiver and seen minor footage of him at quarterback so he can be a significant player for the Defenders!

Nick Campbell

Nick Campbell defenders tryouts
Credit: Nick Campbell

Nick Campbell, a quarterback, will also be at the tryout. Campbell has a great arm and tons of potential. He can play multiple positions, and he reminds me of a stronger version of Taysom Hill from the New Orleans Saints. He has played semi-pro for a bit and has also been to a lot of arena tryouts. Most recently with the Carolina Cobras of the NAL. He also received some attention from NFL teams.

More Players To Come


As the Burgh Defenders tryouts become closer, I will continue to write about more players attending. The Burgh should be a much better team this year. They had some talented players but never had a steady quarterback or a strong secondary, or even a strong offensive line besides Zach Bergstresser, who is trying out for the Canadian Football League.



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  1. Are you on something ? The Qb you got on here is nothing like the guy you you compared him to… he’s about 5 ft 6 300 lbs … he’s an internet troll … he did not work out for the Carolina cobras … he paid someone cash who was affiliated with them to workout fir fun not the cobras … 200 for a tryout is outrageous!!

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