Burgh Defenders Sign Key Players and Coach

Burgh Defenders sign players


This afternoon, the Burgh Defenders announced that they signed some key players for the upcoming season. These players were signed prior to the tryout. The Defenders have said the tryout was postponed to give the new head coach time to settle in.

Brenden Pearson

Brenden Pearson
Credit: Brenden Pearson

Brenden Pearson was signed as a Quarterback. He has a good bit of semi-pro experience, as well as high school. Pearson should hopefully lead the Defenders to some great victories leading the team under center. With a new quarterback, that should help the Defenders get on the right track to winning; then, they will be able to make a run with many of the great teams in the AAL.

Jerran Downing

Jerran Downing
Credit: GoBattlers.Com

Jerran Downing will be playing offensive line and some defensive line. He played college football for Division II Alderson Broaddus in West Virginia. The 6″2 lineman is very versatile. He can long snap and is strong in protection. Downing should be a total stud to watch on the field this year.

Gregory Oliver-Diaz

Gregory Oliver-Diaz
Credit: Gregory Oliver-Diaz

Gregory Oliver-Diaz is a running back from New York City. Oliver-Diaz is a great running back from the semi-pro circuit. He is a very strong back, which will be a big advantage when it comes to the big guys on defense that inhabit the AAL. He was signed very early last season before the games started, but it didn’t work out. It’s a great thing to have him back and to see what he can do for the Burgh!

Percy Snow

Percy Snow. Defenders sign key players
Credit: Percy Snow

Percy Snow was resigned as a defensive back for the Defenders. He looked pretty good with the Burgh last year in what I saw. It’s great to have him back in secondary to shut guys down again. Snow is always working on how to become better, and that’s what being a Defender is all about.

Coach Scrap Wilson

Burgh Defenders Signs Coach Scrap
Credit: Scrap Wilson

Scrap Wilson will be the new head coach. Coach Wilson has lead many youth level teams to championships. If Coach can do it at youth levels, he knows the ways to victory. Full belief should be had in Coach Wilson. He is a smart coach and has the resume to back it up.

A Look Ahead

The Defenders have a lot of fresh faces everywhere, and that should help them out a lot. A new quarterback, lineman, head coach, and running back, that’s a great way to get a fresh look on the radar. You should keep an eye on the Defenders this year. They already have tons of great potential.

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