Pittsburgh Football: Steel City Kingz Edition

Steel City Kingz

Credit: Steel City Kingz Facebook Page


The Steel City Kingz are a new semi-pro football team this season. They will play in the PAFL, which is one of the better-known semi-pro football leagues in the state. Many of the players have stuck together from the Beaver County Reapers to play for the Kingz.

The Kingz are very professional and build a great bond with each other much like a family. When the team has practice pretty much every player shows up, they always give it their all. When a player would happen not to be able to attend that practice, they always make it a statement to come to the next one. The pure work ethic of the Kingz is unmatchable; every single player treats every play like it’s the last drive of the fourth quarter and lay it all on the line.

Words with The Kingz

The Kingz are lead by quarterback Craig Lundy. He has a great, accurate arm and always stays calm in the pocket. When asked about what it’s like to be the Kingz leader at quarterback, he had this to say, “It’s kind of breathtaking, I try to show an example with my work ethic and being tough on myself to get better. I was shocked to see the faith that some of the guys put into me. It’s a great feeling!!” I have full trust in him to lead the Kingz to many, many victories this upcoming season!

On the line, Angelo Wilson is always a beast and goes to battle every single play and leaves it all on the line. I asked him to describe his playstyle, and he said, “Honestly on the field, I turn into a whole other person. I turn into someone who will look out for my brothers on my sides and do whatever it takes to get that win and make sure our team leaves together. I’m aggressive and fearless.” I can’t wait for him to be slamming guys down on the line, maybe even from both offense and defense.

What is one trait that best describes being a Kingz player?

I asked every Kingz player or coach that I had the opportunity to talk with this question. Each of them answered very similarly with words like professionalism or respectful, which is one thing that shows how much of a professional organization this is.

A couple of the answers were:

Tight End/Utility: Derrick Colinear: “A trait a King must have is professionalism. That includes staying poised, humble, respectful, keep our mouths shut and talk with the scoreboard. We are a family, and not only do you represent your family, you represent the Kingz, the Coaches, but also our sponsors.”

Quarterback: Craig Lundy: “Being Humble and Professional, we don’t care for attention, we’re here to come together as a family and have fun playing a sport we all love, and at the end of the day we as players represent the Kingz organization on and off the field, so professionalism is a must!”

What’s next?

The focus for the Kingz is to become a great team this year with practices happening multiple times a week. The team is like a family on and off the field, and that proves how great of a sport football really is. It can bring people from all walks of life together. I can not wait to be apart of covering the Steel City Kingz this season.







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