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While many Stallions fan’s hearts still hurt from the sudden ending of the AAF, many Stallions will be coming back for another round of football in the XFL. Let’s look at some of the Stallions, and now XFL, players who made the cut.

Nick Truesdell | TE | Tampa Bay Vipers | Phase 1 Round 1

The fifth pick in round one, phase one, was Stallions very own, Nick Truesdell. A very reliable target for Josh Woodrum and other Stallions QB’s back in the AAF. He played college football at the University of Cincinnati but later transferred to Grand Rapids Community College. He has been apart of 10 professional football teams, including 3 NFL teams (Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, And New York Jets) and of course, the Stallions. Look for Truesdell to be a huge playmaker for Vipers quarterback, Aaron Murray.

Sealver Siliga | DT | Dallas Renagades | Phase 3 Round 2

During the final phase of day 1, Dallas Renegades used there second-round pick to pick up defensive tackle, Sealver Siliga. Siliga played for six different NFL teams and got a ring in Super Bowl XLIX. He was a force on the line of scrimmage and not afraid to get aggressive. Can he bring that same mentality to Dallas?

De’Mornay Pierson-El | WR | St. Louis BattleHawks | Phase 1 Round 3

St. Louis used their 3rd pick in the skill players phase to draft speedy receiver, De’Mornay Pierson-El. Racking up 36 for 414 yards and a touchdown in his eight games with the Stallions, he was another very noticeable player. Since the AAF, he was signed by the Oakland Raiders but waived a few months later. Expect BattleHawks QB, Jordan Ta’amu to look his way a whole lot.

Tenny Palepoi | DT | Seattle Dragons | Phase 3 Round 4

Tenny Palepoi was apart of the NFL’s Chargers and Bills before heading to Salt Lake. He recorded 14 tackles, another 7 for a loss, and 3.5 sacks in eight games. Once the AAF ceased operations, he entered into the XFL Draft Pool, hoping for another chance. That chance happened when Seattle Dragons used their 4th round pick in the front seven draft to pick up the Utah native.

Greer Martini | LB | Dallas Renegades | Phase 3 Round 5

Greer Martini was a huge part of the Stallions defense racking up 55 tackles total, 4 for a loss, and a sack. He tied for the fifth-most tackles in the AAF. Martini even got a huge interception in week three against the Hotshots and returned it to inside the 10. Greer played for NFL teams like the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. Dallas Renegades got a great tackler who’s a ball hawk all over the field.

BJ Daniels | QB | Seattle Dragons | Phase 5

Some Stallions fans might not remember BJ Daniels playing for the Stallions. That’s because he was put on IR after sustaining a left arm injury in a preseason game with the Memphis Express, which ended his season before it even started. He was expected to be the starter if not for his injury and was never released even after the injury. Daniels will be getting another chance with the Seattle Dragons but has some real company he has to beat out before he can start, which includes Brandon Silver, who’s expected to start, and Joe Callahan. This former Super Bowl XLVIII champion is someone to look out for.

Other Stallions Drafted

Steve Williams | S | Seattle Dragons | Phase 4 Round 4

Micah Hannemann | S | Tampa Bay Vipers | Phase 4 Round 6

Cody Brown | S | Seattle Dragons | Phase 4 Round 6

Ryan Cummings | OG | LA Wildcats | Phase 2 Round 7

Salesi Uhatafe | OG | Dallas Renegades | Phase 2 Round 8

Sam Mobley | WR | Houston Roughnecks | Phase 5

Adonis Jennings | WR | LA Wildcats | Phase 5

Nick Callender | OT | Houston Roughnecks | Phase 5

Leon Johnson | OT | Houston Roughnecks | Phase 5

Handsome Tanielu | DT | Houston Roughnecks | Phase 5

Gionni Paul | LB | Seattle Dragons | Phase 5

Ty Schwab | LB | Houston Roughnecks | Phase 5

Jeremiah Johnson | CB | Houston Roughnecks | Phase 5

CJ Smith | CB | Dallas Renegades | Phase 5

Austin Rehkow | P | Houston Roughnecks | Phase 5

Colton Taylor | LS | Houston Roughnecks | Phase 5

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