What’s Ahead for Nick Foles and the Jacksonville Jaguars?

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With the Jacksonville Jaguars, original starting quarterback still out for six more weeks on the injured reserve, what could be looking ahead for the veteran quarterback?

Minshew Mania

The backup rookie quarterback, Gardner Minshew has been pretty stunning so far in his time in the starting role. The fans seem to love him; the market loves him, and so does the media. Those are all things that are great for a team, have a loveable leader that can get the job done is vital. He’s thrown nine touchdowns and just one interception (which was in his first game) in his five games so far. That’s coming from a rookie quarterback who transferred twice in college and played for three different college teams. That shows he can learn a playbook efficiently, as well as run an organization successfully.

The Veteran

With all the good things about Minshew, what seems to be in the veteran Nick Foles’ favor. Well, Nick Foles won a Super Bowl, as well as the MVP of that Super Bowl, in which he beat Tom Brady in. Foles can also be a great leader and adapt to a new team quickly like Minshew. But the thing that’s on Minshew’s side is the age he is 23, Foles is 30.

Possible Outcomes

I think if the Jaguars think over the two-quarterback candidates for late this season and into the future that Gardner Minshew will be the choice. Nick Foles could be traded somewhere to replace a subpar quarterback like Chicago or Minnesota. Mitchell Trubisky is having yet again another rough season in the windy city. Then, with the Vikings, they have all the targets like Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, but Kirk Cousins just can’t hit them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Foles ended up being traded.

The Decision

The Jaguars have two great starting-caliber quarterbacks, a veteran and rookie. When week 11 comes, and Foles returns, that’s when we will see which guy will be the face of the franchise.



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