The Future is Still Bright for These Colonials

RMU football


Like I stated in my previous article, win or lose, I am incredibly proud of this RMU football team. Nearly ten years its been since this program has had any glimpse of hope. Robert Morris lost today against Central Connecticut State University, resulting in disappointment; nonetheless, this team is set to do big things in the future under Coach Clark’s tutelage.

Close First Half

We saw a close game in the first half with RMU blocking a punt for a TD, and we also saw LSU transfer Caleb Lewis throw a TD to Madison. At the end of the half, it was tied 14-14. The offense all day couldn’t seem to get it going, but with the game tied, it left a glimpse of hope against the daunting Blue Devils.

Second Half woes

The second half was a completely different story for Coach Clark’s offense. Caleb Lewis and George Martin both threw costly interceptions, both resulting in touchdowns. We saw Alijah Jackson fumble the ball, which was recovered for a touchdown as well. RMU’s defense had no answer for the Blue Devils running game with both Winchester and Exilhomme gashing the defense all-day.

The future is bright

I will continue to say this until I am blue in the face, not a single soul thought this Colonial team would be here. RMU has seen multiple losing seasons nine to be in fact since 2010, which coincidently was their last time they won the NEC conference title. With today’s loss, RMU will be 6-5 (5-1) overall, making next week’s game against Sacred Heart very important for not only these young players but for the fans. If they can win next week, it secures that ever-elusive winning season.


So to all of you, Robert Morris fans out there, don’t worry about this team’s future. With Coach Clark at the helm, a young QB in George Martin along with a budding star RB in Alijah Jackson. To all of the senior leaders in Mason Gray, Terrence Stephens, Tim Vecchio, and the rest of the senior players, I, as a fan, thank you all for giving an RMU football faithful a heck of a season.

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