Beaver County Reapers

Beaver County Reapers

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The Beaver County Reapers are a new and upcoming semi-pro football team in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. The semi-pro circuit is very intriguing within itself because you can find many talented players who otherwise may not be seen. These players may be young guys looking to get into college football or all the way up to guys who are too old to play pro, but the biggest reason that they all play is for love of the game. If you are unfamiliar with semi-pro football, that means the players are most likely not paid unless in rare occurrences, thus the love of the game comes into the picture.

One of the players who I have written about a lot in my Burgh Defenders articles, AJ Bowen, plays for the Reapers. Sadly, his season was cut short due to a broken wrist. The Reapers also have many other talented players too, but AJ Bowen falling to injury left a gap on the team. The Reapers continue and do not give up. Their last opponent the Greensburg Golden Hawks, didn’t show up to play which resulted in a forfeit, or better known as a Beaver County Reapers victory. The Reapers want to play with the new uniforms, and they are hungry too.

Players such as Derrick Colinear and Craig Lundy are two players who I think are very underrated. Lundy plays as a quarterback and kicker; I like him a lot because he seems like a guy who has a good time playing ball. I have played both positions alot in my time playing football, so that makes him a favorite of mine, Colinear plays as a tight end and wears number 87 much like other greats such as Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski. He has a great build for a tight end and that is great for football and the tight end position especially, he is going to keep tearing it up, he will be another player that I hope to see a lot of. Another interesting player is Craig Berenda, who wears the number 100, which is pretty unique. He is another guy who has excellent football physique.

In their inaugural season, the Beaver County Reapers are already building a great program and I only see them improving from here on out. 

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