Wilson High’s Zach Bergstresser Living the Dream

Zach Bergstresser

Photo Credit: Megan Wood

Zach Bergstresser of Wilson High School in Easton, PA which sits in the heart of the Lehigh Valley is living the dream. Bergstresser plays pro football for the Burgh Defenders of the AAL, and he had a great season too. I awarded him the team MVP. He also should have been recognized by the league as an All-Star.

Hometown Hero

In his hometown of Easton, everyone is thrilled for him and treats him like a hometown hero. Bergstresser said, “It means a lot, and I have a lot of support from my wife, my father who pushed me to my limits and my mother who supported me through it all! And I’m a hero to my new son Zachary Bergstresser Jr. who I get to share the stories with when he’s older. I just wanted to prove a point to the kids that anybody can do it. You just gotta work hard and be dedicated and gotta want it in the classroom and outside the classroom.” When asked how it felt to be a hometown hero and in the community to inspire kids to chase their dreams.

First of His Kind

Bergstresser is also the first pro football player from his town. Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants is the only other notable player from the entire Lehigh Valley area currently. Bergstresser is thrilled about being the first player to make it to the pros out of his high school. I asked him what it felt like to make it to the pro’s and, he had this to say. “A blessing not a lot of people out of the Lehigh Valley get, except if you’re Saquon Barkley, who played for Penn State at the Running Back position and now plays for the Giants.”

Moving Up the Ranks

Having competed at lower ranks of arena football, he adapted very well to the player talent advancement. The caliber of play is easy to see the change in, and the pace of the game also is much more fast-paced. Bergstresser said the biggest change in play level was “Competition. I went against some beast former AFL Guys some NFL guys and I feel like I held my own. I’ve had fans and other players tell me that, and other players from other teams.”

Return to the Burgh

The Defenders released almost the entire roster at the season’s end. All besides Bergstresser and a few others. That is a great thing, showing how blessed the Defenders must feel to have such a talented player. I asked him how it felt to return to the Burgh, and he said, “You know a lot of teams owners will talk a lot of junk. It was a 1st-year team, but we need guys who wanna play and wanna be there, and that goes for coaches also. It feels great, to be honest, to be accepted back. Good things are coming we need to stick together and bond more.” Zach, being known as the “Berg” loves the Nickname saying “The BERG will always Defend the BURGH!!!”

Staying Focused

It certainly is amazing to see him playing very well in professional football, and making a name for himself and putting his town on the map. Being focused in the classroom and the football field as a teenager had to be a huge factor. I asked him if he could talk to his high school self, from a present-day perspective, what would it be? “To be a better person then I was in high school and do better in school. Classroom first, football second,” Zach Bergstresser said.

Berg in the Burgh

The pride of Wilson High, Zach Bergstresser, is certainly the most talented Burgh Defender, and I would undoubtedly say one of the most talented in the entire AAL. Look for him to have a standout season, and even look for him to move up the ranks with his insane talent.

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