Defended by “The Berg”- Zach Bergstresser

Zach Bergstresser

Photo Credit: Megan Wood


The Burgh Defenders offensive line was faulty at times, but no matter what, center Zach Bergstresser never gave up. Bergstresser is one of the most underrated players in the entire American Arena League, just because the Defenders had a rough inaugural season, he didn’t receive the league recognition as much as he should’ve.

On and off the field he is constantly giving it 100 percent effort. He goes to the gym religiously getting stronger. On the field suited up for the Burgh Defenders, Zach Bergstresser is giving defensive linemen nightmares, no matter how big they are. In their last game, he was matched up against a defensive lineman from the Jersey Flight who was around 6″7, and he had a spectacular night. Even against the top team in the league, the West Virginia Roughriders, he had a nice game, even more so in the second time around. The Roughriders have some NFL and CFL talent too, so that shows that the team and line is no push around either.

Hopefully this season they can sign a more advanced lineman for the left side of him because sometimes he would have to pick up another block too, thus having two guys to worry about. The right side seems better than the left since, Nick Ormsby came on, but he is more defensive, so I would think it would be better to sign another lineman, so Ornsby can strictly play defense.

Bergstresser personally had a great year, and if you watched any Defenders football, you would certainly agree. No matter the deficit or the record, he never gives up and fights until the end, and that is what I would define a Defender as, someone who never gives up and always defends the burgh to the best of his ability. This next season should be an even better season for him. 

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