Defenders: Year In Review

Defenders year in review

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The Burgh Defenders inaugural season as came to a close, they did go winless but the team will be back next season. This is the Defenders year in review!

The team went through many quarterbacks, and it appears they will have to find a new one again for the next season. It appears as though Poppy Montega has been released as well as every other player but seven. The players that were kept were: Zach Bergstresser, Segun Mallard, Mathias Wells, Dashaun Dixon-Roberts, Nick Ormsby, and Keith Myers.

The Defenders needs for the upcoming season are heavy, but the top priority is a quarterback and kicker, something the team went through like water this season. The Defenders originally had Arelaus Lee starting, then went to Caleb Bell, then to Poppy Montega. There was also a couple of short quarter or two stints with another quarterback, but finding someone who can be a team leader and great quarterback was far from the Defenders forte.

I saw Poppy Montega as the guy who stuck out the most. He is dual-threat, he broke a few good runs, and he could sling the ball too. He would take a monster hit and get right back up, and he took a lot of big hits in the game he played.

A kicker is crucial in football especially arena football where on a kickoff if the ball goes through the uprights it’s an uno, or one point, in the American Arena League. Travis Paul started the year pretty good for the Defenders he always did what was needed, but he then vanished. I cannot report if he was injured or released by the team.

The offensive line was alright. Actually, center Zach Bergstresser was the main ace of the line. He would go toe to toe with any defensive lineman and give them a rough day. I liked that the Defenders kept him as he was a huge asset. He would be my Burgh Defenders offensive team MVP.

One of the surprise releases to me was receiver Alex Noble. Any time he caught the ball, he would be taking it to the house or run a defensive player over. I could see Noble playing at a higher level of arena football, so maybe that was the case.

The Burgh Defenders rounded out the season with a zero in the win column but better days are on the horizon. There is a lot of potential on this team, and it has a lot of guys who love to compete and do what they love. 

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