AAF Teams: A New Dawn???

AAF Teams

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“The night is always darkest just before the dawn” was the theme of The Dark Knight Rises. The epic, climatic conclusion of The Dark Knight Trilogy, was one of despair and pain…then…hope and rebirth.

As Spring began, the freshness of the new Alliance of American Football League created a grand reaction from sports fans around the country. The lights of its future shined bright! Then, unexpectedly, dark clouds formed. Much like an exploding field behind Gotham’s kick returner, the league met a sudden demise at the hands of Bane Dundon, an author of chaos–leaving players in financially perilous situations, and fans heartbroken. Interesting note: Hines Ward played the kick returner in The Dark Knight Rises (seen below). He probably had no idea this scene was a foreshadowing of his future. Ward was an instrumental participant in the rising AAF. Now, everywhere he and his co-workers went seems to have blown up.

Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Studios – Screen grab from The Dark Knight Rises


The darkest night has arrived, but, out of the ashes, there may be a silver lining. As the AAF has folded, it’s assets, such as gear, teams, and other entities, are likely to be liquidated/auctioned off. Heroes could rise, and take up the cape as a new day dawns! Could the Atlanta Legends move to indoor football, and be an expansion team in the Arena Football League? Can the Salt Lake Stallions or San Antonio Commanders find new life in the Indoor Football League? Are the San Diego Fleet, with a city hungry for professional football to return, poised to be the XFL’s newest franchise?

With already established fan bases, perhaps the smartest move for these leagues is to purchase teams at liquidated prices, and serve the hungry fan bases with high-octane, smash-mouth, quality football! It may be that these teams can find a home in a more structured, financially stable league, that is not doomed to fail. What is the maxim that the hero Bruce Wayne often uttered? “The night is always darkest just before the dawn.” 

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