The Defenders Fall Again

Defenders fall again

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This past Saturday, The Burgh Defenders fell yet again, to an unlikely opponent the Reading Raptors, 62-18. The Defenders are hurting, and it is evident, they have a few good players but scoring and defense are what will win games, and they have neither going for them.

The main man on offense this past weekend was indeed, Alex Noble, per usual. He came through hauling in eight catches and two touchdowns, and a touchdown of his got called back also. Noble is totaling for over half of the Defenders points; any time he is targeted he makes things happen.

The quarterback situation in the Burgh is also hectic, this past game they used a player who had never played quarterback prior, Caleb Bell. The Defenders need another option; if I were them I would be seeking another quarterback, whether it be a tryout or deep searching through lower end college free agents, Lewis can’t seem to get wins. I thought Arleaus Lee was going to be a gem, but he fizzled out into the sunset pretty quick.

Scott Stone is was a very talented quarterback, he needs the right coach and another quarterback who could help a bit, and he could blossom. He is a very versatile quarterback too, just not having many targets and the right coaches is what hurts. Sources show he is no longer a Defender.

The highlight of the offense other than Noble is Zach Bergstresser. Bergstresser is a the center, he is the main man on the line throwing blocks and doing what he can to keep the defense out, the other lineman isn’t as advanced.

A bye week is scheduled this week for the Defenders, after the bye week they will travel back to Wheeling to take on those dastardly West Virginia Rough Riders. The Rough Riders scored 95 against the Defenders in the season opener, so this will be very interesting. 

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