BREAKING: Josh Johnson Expected to Sign with Redskins

Ian Rapoport (@rapsheet) reported, in a tweet, that Josh Johnson is expected to sign with the Washington Redskins as early as tomorrow, December 5th. Johnson, the first pick of the AAF’s San Diego Fleet, has some familiarity with Redskins’ head coach, Jay Gruden. The two worked together on both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cincinnati Bengals. 

Johnson’s NFL career stats sit at 1,042 yards 5 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He is also 0-5 as a starter, but none of that stopped the Fleet from selecting him first in the Protect or Pick QB Draft. Even Kurt Warner agreed by saying Johnson would be his pick. In doing so, the University of San Diego product made history as the first ever selection in the AAF. 

In response to the tweet from Rapoport, Fleet Speak Podcast, the unofficial podcast of the San Diego Fleet (@FleetSpeakPod) made some fantastic observations. He stated that Josh Johnson’s presence shouldn’t be needed until early January, and with the NFL regular season wrapping up in late December, the Fleet might not need even to worry.

In fact, they continue by saying that the Fleet might even encourage him to go. It would show the leagues overarching goal of getting players into the NFL while getting their QB NFL level practice time ahead of AAF training camp. 

Some obvious downsides could come in the form of injury or playoffs. The Redskins are in playoff contention at the moment, and if they were to make the playoffs more time would be required from Johnson. And let’s not forget the string of bad luck that has come to the quarterback position in Washington, losing two quarterbacks for the season to leg injuries. 

Whatever the outcome, this is an exciting situation for Josh Johnson, the Fleet, and the AAF as a whole. As more information becomes available, we will do our best to keep you updated. You can follow us on Twitter for instant updates @AmbushSports, or myself @BeardedM00se.


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