AAF First Annual QB Draft

Football fans rejoice! There is a new league, and it looks promising! The Alliance of American Football (or the AAF) is an eight-team league beginning February 9th, 2019 and will carry a ten-week regular season (you can view the schedule here). With teams based out of Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and San Diego, the AAF is trying to establish footholds in new football markets. We have an article detailing the rules of the league more clearly HERE, but for now, we want to dig into the AAF’s historic moment, the 2019 QB draft!

First, some quick background on the draft rules. A “Protect or Pick” style was utilized, letting a team “protect” a regionally assigned QB or a QB that played at the closest college or NFL team before the draft. If a team elects to “protect,” the player is allocated as the teams first round pick, and if a team opted to pick, they wait and select from the remaining pool. In the first round, four QBs were protected, while four were chosen.


We want to familiarize you with your team names and coaches as well.

Atlanta Legends: Brad Childress
Arizona Hotshots: Rick Neuheisel
Birmingham Iron: Tim Lewis
Memphis Express: Mike Singletary
Orlando Apollos: Steve Spurrier
Salt Lake City Stallions: Dennis Erickson
San Antonio Commanders: Mike Riley
San Diego Fleet: Mike Martz

Now, onto the draft results!

Round 1

  1. San Diego Fleet: Josh Johnson (protected)

  2. Atlanta Legends: Aaron Murray (protected)

  3. Memphis Express: Troy Cook (protected)

  4. San Antonio Commanders: Dustin Vaughan (protected)

  5. Birmingham Iron: Luis Perez

  6. Arizona Hotshots: Trevor Knight

  7. Orlando Apollos: Garrett Gilbert

  8. Salt Lake Stallions: Josh Woodrum

Round 2

  1. San Diego Fleet: Mike Bercovici

  2. Birmingham Iron: Blake Sims

  3. Arizona Hotshots: John Wolford

  4. Orlando Apollos: Stephen Morris

  5. Atlanta Legends: Matt Simms

  6. Salt Lake Stallions: B.J. Daniels

  7. Memphis Express: Christian Hackenberg

  8. San Antonio Commanders: Marquise Williams

Round 3

  1. San Antonio Commanders: Logan Woodside

  2. Memphis Express: Brandon Silvers

  3. Salt Lake Stallions: Austin Allen

  4. Atlanta Legends: Peter Pujals

  5. Orlando Apollos: Austin Appleby

  6. Arizona Hotshots: Quinn McQueary

  7. Birmingham Iron: Scott Tolzien

  8. San Diego Fleet: Philip Nelson

Round 4

  1. San Antonio Commanders: Dalton Sturm

  2. Memphis Express: Zach Mettenberger

  3. Salt Lake Stallions: Matt Linehan

  4. Atlanta Legends: Justin Holman

  5. Orlando Apollos: Kevin Anderson

  6. Arizona Hotshots: Jack Heneghan

  7. Birmingham Iron: Alek Torgersen

  8. San Diego Fleet: Alex Ross

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