Sports betting in Missouri could be legal as early as this year

sports betting

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (Ambush Sports) — With sports betting legalized in the neighboring states of Illinois, Iowa, and Arkansas, avid sports bettors are hoping that Missouri becomes the next state to legalize gambling on sports events.

Mike Winter, the executive director of the Missouri Gaming Association, reported that he is pleased that the Missouri State Legislature is taking action in Jefferson City to keep pace with their neighboring states where sports betting is legal.

“Ever since the Supreme Court paved the way for sports betting in locations outside of Las Vegas it’s becoming more common,” Winter said. “About 20 states now have sports betting, and we’re having discussions in Missouri. We would like to see it happen so we’re still not seeing bets happening on the black market.”

Winter supports one of the two pieces of legislation which would make sports betting legal — House Bill 2318 — which would not require a “royalty” payment to be paid to sports leagues and would not mandate that official sports league data be used in placing any and all wagers.

Tax rates for sports betting income on both bills would average below 8%, lower than the average of 14% levied in Illinois and Arkansas.

“I think it would give consumers the confidence to know if they wanted to bet on sports events they could do it in a safely-regulated environment,” Winter added of the advantages he sees for the state from legalization. “And there would also be the tax revenue coming in as a result of that.”

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