Miller Mayhem in Seattle

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Dragons punter, Brock Miller, has been having himself a great season far, some would rank him as the best punter in the XFL (I would!). It’s certainly awesome to see him being the soul punter of the team and proving why he shouldn’t be overlooked anymore.

Brock Miller
Credit: @XFLDragons Twitter

The Season So Far

As I said earlier, Miller has been having an amazing season so far, but I wanted to get his take on how it’s been, so I went straight to the source for his response! “Overall, pretty solid. I battled a hamstring issue the first two games but played through it and got it fixed by our training staff. Since then, I felt I’ve like I hit my stride much better. I’ve felt I’ve flipped the field well and pinned teams back a lot, I just want to up my consistency for the rest of the season.”

He sure has been consistent this year, pinning opponents inside the five on multiple occasions!

Reminiscing On The First Four Games

Brock Miller
Credit: @Br0ckMiller Twitter

The first four games were full of great punts and great moments for him! One of my personal favorites had to be him smacking Flinn Nagel out of bounds hard after a nice punt. He saved a touchdown on the stop.

I asked Brock Miller what his favorite moment was so far, “Probably pinning Tampa at the 1-yard line late in the 4th quarter. That helped our defense secure the W.” I agree that was an awesome punt that got me hyped up as well as the whole team!

How is The New Punt Rule Holding Up?

Credit: @Br0ckMiller Twitter

As by now, most of us XFL fans know about the punt rule and penalties that coincide with it. Being four weeks deep now, I wanted to get his take on how it’s shaping up. He said, “The new rules are great because they’re challenging. I’m getting a lot better at pacing the ball where I need to.” It sure does seem he has become elite on accuracy and pinning guys deep too.

Houston, You Have A Problem

The Dragons will be taking on the undefeated Houston Roughnecks this week. The Dragons look like they’ve found a spark with BJ Daniels and having a great punter to pin the Roughnecks deep when needed,

I asked what’s the game plan this week for you and the Dragons? “My gameplan remains the same each week. Have great get-off times, consistent punts with great hang and distance. As a team, we have a lot of positive momentum to build off of after even after our loss to STL. We just need to carry that over in practice this week and execute once we get out to Houston,” Miller said.

This game should be a great game! Don’t be surprised if the Dragons dish up a big upset.

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