Wrestling Recap: MLW Fusion (Episode 98: February 22, 2020)


Major League Wrestling

DALLAS (Ambush Sports) — Saturday’s wrestling action on MLW Fusion opened with a flashback of the contention of the MLW World Heavyweight Championship between Ross Von Erich and the current champion Jacob Fatu. It included a botched interference by Contra Unit stable member Josef Samael and an attack on Von Erick by “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, resulting in the successful title retention for Fatu.

It sets up for the grudge match set to take place during the broadcast in the main event.

The show opens with a different title sequence that has usually been the standard-bearer to start the show.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch talk about the main event grudge match on the card between Lawlor and Von Erich. King Mo returns to MLW action and has been scheduled for a match. Erick Stevens makes his MLW debut in action against Douglas James.

They cut back to recap what happened last week as Mance Warner tried to enter the arena, got a security officer to knock back some Natty Lights, and allows Warner to enter, calling Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) an “asshole.” It cuts to Warner attacking Alexander Hammerstone with a steel chair, which led to some momentum for the Von Erichs to secure the pinfall to retain the MLW Tag Team Championships.

Moonshine Mantell is already in-ring as he awaits Logan Creed to enter the arena.

Creed cut a pre-match promo about his relationship with The Dynasty, who now have a target on their backs as a result of Warner’s actions last week.

The match, which ran barely over four minutes, was a clear wrestling domination clinic for Creed, who secured the pinfall.

Promo with The Dynasty’s Hammerstone and Gino Medina, when Richard Holliday berates Hammerstone about bring around “Grogan” (who happens to be Logan Creed) to ringside last week.

Then both decided that the blame lies with Warner.

Video promo for Erick Stevens, who is debuting later in the show.

Promo for MLW Intimidation Games, which will be in Chicago on April 18.

Promo for upcoming MLW On Tour events, including the following:

  • March 13, Tijuana, Mex.: Lucha Libre AAA vs. MLW
  • May 2, Dallas, Tex.: MLW live show from the Nytex Sports Centre
  • July 16, NYC: MLW Never Say Never
  • July 18, Philadelphia: MLW Battle Riot III

Pro Wrestling Illustrated goes through an MLW Top 10 ranking list for top contenders for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

Dominic Garrini kicks off the rankings at number 10. Low Ki is ranked at number 9. Jimmy Havoc is currently ranked at number 8. Richard Holliday from The Dynasty is ranked number 7. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor finishes out the bottom five at number 6.

Mance Warner has worked his way into the top five contenders at number 5. Brian Pillman Jr. is announced to be on the list at number 4. Myron Reed is ranked at number 3. The Dynasty’s Alexander Hammerstone is ranked at number 2. PWI announces that Davey Boy Smith Jr., the winner of the 2019 Opera Cup, is their top contender for the title.

Erick Stevens was interviewed backstage earlier in the day about his MLW debut, stating that he’s there to make an impact, wanting to face the toughest wrestler in the organization, who he considers as Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Action continues as Stevens takes on Douglas James.

Stevens with a good showing in his debut MLW match for most of the six minutes that elapsed leading to the break. (Or whatever that was…)

James is trying desperately to gain some offense, with the occasional counter from Stevens.

James nails a Meteora and a 2.5 count.

Stevens with another offensive streak, ending with a Sarasota Screwdriver for the pinfall.

The broadcast team cuts to an encounter between Mance Warner and Holliday and Hammerstone from The Dynasty, who may have attacked an elderly man outside.

It cuts over to a promo from Contra Unit, talking about recent matches and MLW’s new deal with AAA.

Killer Kross video promo. Not sure what the deal is with that. Didn’t he just recently sign a deal with WWE? Or is it open-ended to continue wrestling for MLW?

Lawlor was interviewed outside, mocking Davey Boy Smith Jr., who’s been partnering up with the Von Erichs.

They flashed back again to the championship match two weeks ago, which was shown in the pre-title promo.

Promo from the Injustice stable on the title match and their ongoing battle for justice.

Jimmy Havoc promo on his previous match with Mance Warner.

Low Ki interview from several weeks ago that King Mo interrupted.

King Mo in action against a burly man who was billed as Dr. Dax, who made some early attacks.

Brutal chops from Dax. Four hundred pounds fails to connect to the ring corner where Mo was.

A failed suplex attempt from Mo was met to some meaty back punches to break the hold.

Failed Sidewalk Slam attempt from Dax, met with a chokehold attempt from King Mo, which led to a tapout for a submission victory.

Hardly anything interesting in the match.

Video promo return of LA Park to Fusion on the next broadcast.

It was revealed that the tag team of Los Parks (with partner Hijo Del LA Park) fill face off against Contra Unit’s Simon Gotch and Josef Samael in tag team action in a lumberjack match.

More tag team action on the books as Injustice’s Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver will be facing off against Laredo Kid and Zenshi.

Mance Warner is slated to speak during the broadcast.

Tale of the tape for the main event: Ross Von Erich has an inch height and 15-pound advantage over Lawlor. Von Erich utilizes a hybrid wrestling style, while Lawlor’s is MMA-based. This is a match four months in the making.

Von Erich starts with an offensive barrage on Lawler, with his head being connected with the ringside post and the barricade and dropping Lawlor on the hardest part of the apron.

Cheap attacks from Lawlor leading to an offensive charge that was short-lived.

Von Erich nails a slingshot senton with a two-count.

Interference by a member of Team Filthy.

Offensive charge by Lawlor, including a vertical suplex and a Lou Thesz press. A Pele kick really got Von Erich fired up, with momentum for another offensive swing.

Von Erich with a DDT with a 2 3/4 count.

Another offensive run for Von Erich with a 2 1/2 count.

Another attempt at interference failed.

Von Erick had the Claw fired up when it was attacked by Dominic Garrini, ending the match in a disqualification win for Von Erick.

Both proceeded to kick Ross Van Erick in the ring until brother Marshall charged into the ring to attack Lawlor and then Garrini, leading to both Von Ericks to attack Lawlor and Garrini on different sides of the ring.

Stevens comes in and attacks the Von Ericks, which may reveal that he’s joined up with Team Filthy.

An act of disrespect as Garrini spits and blows his nose on the Texas state flag and Stevens hitting Marshall Von Erick with a plastic trash can (quite weak). Lawlor does his own act of disrespect with the flag as well.

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