What If Caleb Seth Ran WWE


There are so many issues with the WWE its too much now I am tired of watching WWE at times because it gets so boring after a while, but Today WWE Changes Forever because a new face is now running it today I answer the question What would I do if I ran WWE.

First, let fix the main roster tag team division.

Tag Team Championship

The WWE tag team division so is basic now of days, for example, The Smackdown Tag Team Champions Are Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura who are two wonderful superstars as singles superstars, but they are randomly paired up just because of Sami Zayn how this can be fixed, quit putting two guys as a tag team just because they need a storyline period but the NXT tag team champions are Imperium they are awesome wrestlers a second thing they had a storyline about joining the group because they had a STORYLINE the raw tag team championship are The Street Profits They Were Booked Well By WWE/NXT Creative As Well, but WWE/NXT has great Tag Teams but NXT Books the Tag Team Division better I would fix this by making the tag team have more TV time or better tag teams.


Next, let’s fix the next issue the basic storytelling or lack of creativity.

The reason I think this is an issue is that WWE has no creativity or lack of creativity there is only a few I enjoy Right Now because it has creativity, but how we can fix this is simple hire better writers or get more creative I can’t make it any better WWE has had this issue ever since it went to the PG era let me tell you its bad for creative writers.


Now let’s fix the issue of pushing talent.


WWE has had this problem For Years WWE Has amazing talent all over, but some of them are not getting pushed when Paul Heyman was running Monday Night Raw you have seen how much talent Raw was pushing Apollo Crews, Buddy Murphy, Aleister Black to name a few but ever since Paul Heyman got fired we have seen talent getting pushed but not getting pushed at the same time I would fix this issue by pushing talent that is talented not so many old Part-Timers WWE has amazing talent I would fix this issue before its too late


Now let us fix the women’s division.




I see only A few problems with WWE women’s division right now the raw women’s champion is Sasha Banks & The Smackdown women’s champion is Bayley I see two problems one no real challengers for the women championship two maybe get more creative storylines these are the only issues I see right now with the women division.

Now let’s talk about decisions I would make if I ran WWE.

First, I would cut down the price of the network from $9.99 to $2.99


This might be crazy, but let me explain why I would cut the price to $2.99 for the network. The reason some people don’t get the WWE network is that it’s too pricey, so my first decision I would make is cutting down the network price from $9.99 to $2.99 so people can afford the network.


I would have the WWE draft once a year

WWE Draft 2020

The WWE Draft is usually boring after the while so here is how I would make it fun

  1. Have one match between one person from raw and one from Smackdown face One On One
  2. The winning brand has two options

Option 1 Draft all the tag team wrestlers and get the tag team championship

Option 2 Draft all the women superstars and get the women’s championship

3. Have a second match between one superstar from raw and Smackdown superstar winner gets the first draft pick

4. Have the WWE draft for the rest of the show

I also would Have Paul Heyman Be The Head Creative Writer For Both Raw And Smackdown

Paul Heyman

The reason i would have Paul Heyman run both raw and Smackdown is because Paul Heyman has a Awesome eye for talent and he is very creative on what to do with them look at 2002-2004 smackdown which Paul Heyman was the head creative writer they had the Smackdown six { Rey Mysterio,Edge,Kurt Angle,Chris Benoit,Eddie Guerrero,Chavo Guerrero] Paul Heyman always had them doing something but he also had guys like Brock Lesnar,Big Show,Matt Hardy,Undertaker John Cena,Tajiri also the storylines was also great as well also lets look at ECW when Paul Heyman took over the creative writing role he had Rob Van Dam Tazz Sabu Jerry Lynn The Dudley Boyz Mike Awesome Terry Funk Sandman Spike Dudley but Paul Heyman also brought in Brian Pillman Eddie Guerrero Chris Benoit Rey Mysterio and many more the feuds were memorable the storylines were easy to follow and understand the tag team division was one of the best parts of the show everytime Paul Heyman gets his hands on something Paul turns it into gold quickly he also respects the cruiserweight division and midcard talent as well

I would also drop 205 Live and put all the cruiserweights on NXT

Now the reason I would cancel 205 live is because it is pointless and useless now NXT And Triple H are great with cruiserweights, and NXT has a great history with cruiserweight wrestlers and with wrestlers as well its not right to keep 205 live if nobody watches 205 live so as a result, I would cancel 205 live, so it doesn’t waste the viewers time NXT is two hours long as its perfect time to showcase the cruiserweights


I would also Let Triple H continue to run NXT.

photo by wwe.com

Triple H has done an amazing job down at NXT bringing in names and expanding the brand Triple H pushes the talent who deserve a push not who others think just because of there family or where they came from I would also allow Triple H to make Creative Decisions for Raw and Smackdown as well NXT wouldn’t be the same without Triple H Plus Triple H is doing great down at NXT, and he has proven he always has a plan for talent no matter who the talent on NXT.

I would also fire Kevin Dunn from WWE.


I would fire Kevin Dunn because his ego is terrible the only reason Kevin Dunn  got the WWE job was because Kevin Dunn dad saved the DVD from a burning car he never earned the job he has made bad decisions Kevin Dunn thinks he always right that’s why he needs to be let go from WWE.

I would also let Vince McMahon Go from WWE.

Vince McMahon.

I would let Vince McMahon go because of his vision, but there is a different boss now, so Vince has to go; as a result, his vision is to please the fans who watch the every once in a while instead of every week it is bad.


Let’s Make Creative Storylines For Raw Smackdown & NXT

1. The Mystery Of the Attacks On Raw & Smackdown [Raw & Smackdown]

Storyline: The first attack the guys are wearing all Black they attack Vince McMahon his family comes to check on Vince on Smackdown the masked men destroy Matt riddle and AJ styles in the locker room area backstage so now the next raw one of the men attack Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe with baseball bats trying to scare Tom Phillips in the process it doesn’t go as planned because the raw roster scares the masked men away now these masked men are targeting NXT superstars the masked target Triple H first but it doesn’t go as planned because the NXT roster scare the masked men away with chairs so Triple H is safe for now but later in the show the masked men attack Shawn Michaels to end the show now its been 2 weeks since the first attack on raw so Vince McMahon music plays and he starts the show with his family in the ring and the raw roster around the ring he is very mad about the attack but when he tries to talk the masked men are on the screen in a dark room they want a match if they win they get signed to the WWE Vince tells them your on

Storyline Ending: its three masked men vs. Triple H Shane McMahon Vince McMahon the match goes by the end of the match the masked man picked Vince McMahon up and gives Vince the GTS pins him for the win and the contract the masked men are revealed to be the bullet club and they sign the WWE contract Kenta is revealed as the masked man who gives Vince the GTS, so it looks like the bullet club were behind the attacks on Vince and Shawn


2. Roman Reigns Heel Turn [Smackdown]

Storyline: A hype video or a hype promo is shown on Smackdown with a strange basically saying I want it back then a couple of weeks later somebody sitting in a dark room in an office chair in all-black clothing when a guy turns around in an office chair and he said this is my yard now then the next week There’s a match between Daniel Bryan and Matt Riddle and AJ Styles for the Intercontinental Championship after the match is over the lights go off, and it’s the same character all black clothing hood up, and everything the weird character spears all three men after the match then picks up the microphone and takes the hood off its Roman Reigns, and he says this is my yard now drop the microphone and walks away like nothing happened to end the show

3. Johnny Gargano Vs. Triple H [NXT]

Storyline: the NXT after the PPV where the bullet club earned a WWE contract Triple H cuts a promo saying this loss wasn’t his fault and puts all the blame on everyone else then after a while Johnny Garagno music plays Garagno grabs a microphone says to Triple H the loss was all 3 of your fault your fault Shane’s fault and Vince’s stop with the excuses Hunter after a while of them going back and fourth Johnny Gargano leaves Triple H said Johnny your fired Gargano leaves with his suitcase and Triple H laughs then next week on NXT the crowd chants we want Johnny and the crowd keeps chanting Triple H keeps trying to shut the crowd up but the crowd gets louder when Johnny Garagno unmasks himself the crowd cheers even louder then Triple H turns around and Johnny Garagno superkicks Triple H and the crowd cheers even louder then Johnny Gargano picks up the microphone and challenges Triple H to a career vs career match at NXT takeover and then on the NXT show before the takeover PPV they have a contract signing to agree to the match and terms they both sign the contract then  signs the when Triple H signs and then Triple H flips the table on Garagno then gives Johnny Gargano the pedigree to end NXT

Storyline Ending: Triple H and Johnny Gargano fight at NXT takeover the match ends by Johnny Gargano Superkicks Triple H Three times to win the match and ends Triple H career {Triple H will still run NXT}


4. Murphy Vs. Seth Rollins {Raw}

Storyline: basically the story starts when Seth Rollins gives Murphy a order instead of listening to Seth Rollins  Murphy takes Rollins Microphone and says No then Murphy and Seth Rollins brawl until they are pulled apart by WWE officials then next week on raw Seth Rollins And The Authors Of Pain and Austin Theory are in the ring and Seth Rollins is angry at Murphy for turning on him and Seth cuts a very angry promo on Murphy saying Murphy is nothing without me without me you are nothing without me Murphy wouldn’t be here right now and then Murphy music plays Murphy has a microphone in hand Murphy says Seth you forgot who i am I’m Buddy freaking Murphy I’m a a former NXT Tag team champion I’m a former cruiserweight champion i was someone before i even came on raw i defeated Daniel Bryan by myself Seth Rollins stops him before Murphy can keep going finally Rollins Says to the group finish him Murphy tries to fight them off but the numbers are too much for Murphy then Seth curb stomps Murphy on stage to write him off TV and ends the feud because Murphy is beat up so bad he cant wrestle for a while


Well that is it guys there are the things I would do if I ran the WWE thank you for reading this article I really hope I find this interesting this took hours to do, but it was worth it

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