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Vipers Qbs

The Tampa Bay Vipers haven’t gotten off to the strongest start of their XFL debut season. 0-2 in the first two weeks, with the best team (Houston Roughnecks 2-0) coming up on the schedule (February 22nd at 1 PM on ABC). Everyone is already counting them out, but if the Vipers QB situation gets settled, they’ve got a chance to contend for the playoffs.

The Vipers, led by Head Coach Marc Trestman, have 3 QB’s on their roster. Aaron Murray, QB out of Georgia. Quinton Flowers, QB out of USF. Also, Taylor Cornelius, QB out of Oklahoma State.
Aaron Murray started in week one with a 23-3 whooping away against the New York Guardians. In week 2, Murray came down with a foot injury, and they started Taylor Cornelius in a 17-9 loss in Seattle vs. the Seattle Dragons. Flowers also shared snaps in that game.

In week 1, Murray went 16/34 222 yards and 2 INTs. The Vipers led the league in yards, but couldn’t finish drives correctly, instead ended with turnovers. Murray in the AAF with the Atlanta Legends went 64.8% completion percentage with 1048 yards. He threw for 3(1) TD’s (2 pt. Conversion) and threw 7 INT’s. He also had 19 carries for 96 yards, but three fumbles.

In college, Murray had good stats coming up with 62.3% completion percentage stacking 13,166 yards. He also threw for 121 TDs with only 41 INT’s ending with a career QBR of 158.6.
At USF, Quinton Flowers had a 57.7% completion percentage. He managed to get 8124 yards and 71 TDs with an unfortunate 23 INT’s. He played fairly well, granted he was not in the SEC with star players like Murray.

Taylor Cornelius at Oklahoma State ended his college career with a 59.5% completion percentage as well as 4198 yards. He got 32 TD’s and 13 INT’s as well (all in his final season).
The Vipers need to figure out who to start. Flowers would be a good option as he can use his legs very effectively as a very talented Dual Threat QB. Neither of the other Vipers QBs can run and tend to make bad decisions. Flowers would be the most viable option for the Vipers in the season currently.

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