OPINION: Like it or not, it’s football season all year round


Screenshot of tweet from Pro Football Talk/Twitter

(Ambush Sports) — In a classic elder moment, the manager of Pro Football Talk‘s Twitter spouted off Sunday morning, Feb. 16:

I want to like the XFL. I’m trying to like the XFL. But I’m currently having the same problem I had with the USFL in 1983: It’s hard to care about football when it’s not football season.

What any consistent fan or even your hardcore fan would think about those remarks:

Why would anyone say anything like that? Unless you think the world revolves around the NFL. (Heck, they might even be gullible enough to think the earth is flat.) There’s enough football to go around all year long — and that includes markets that are no longer home to an NFL franchise (e.g., St. Louis, San Diego, Oakland).

Including the preseason, the NFL is August to February. The revived XFL, under its eight-team setup, started last week and will run through April and will change, dependent on their expansion plans. The CFL kicks off almost a month after the XFL season ends, with semi-pro leagues — like the Gridiron Developmental Football League — starting action as early as May with seasons ending anytime between July and August. Flag football and JFL leagues run all summer. College football usually starts in August and dependent on your locality, and high school football seasons will start in July or August.

In other words, there is no escape from football, unless you’re close-minded. If you have kids, you have football from the day they participate in flag football and JFL, through high school and college (if they choose to play) and should they go pro in some capacity (NFL, CFL, XFL, etc.), the rest of your life until they retire from the sport, maybe longer if they go from retiring as a player to become a coach.

There’s pigskin fever all year long — and there’s no cure for it. Deal with it.

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