Matt Hardy cuts promo on Randy Orton and where he could be after his contract with WWE ends

Matt Hardy


(Ambush Sports) — WWE Superstar Matt Hardy released a video promo on YouTube Saturday regarding his upcoming match on WWE Raw and his future in wrestling after his contract ends with WWE.

The transcript:

On Monday, I’m gonna fly my ass across the country. I’m going to Washington state and I am going to FIGHT Randy Orton.

Now, there’s a lot of unknowns involved in this entire scenario for all parties involved. I’m sure Randy Orton’s thinking, like, “How is it this guy I killed off last Monday medically cleared to return to the ring to face me in a match a week later?”

It’s because, Randy, you ain’t never seen anything like me. This industry has never see anything like me. I’m an indestructible survivalist.

Sure, the doctor said with this head and neck trauma, I shouldn’t compete, but I am defiant.

In WWE, they’ve gotta be wondering, like, “What is this guy’s mental, physical and contractual status, as we speak right now, as someone who is possible unstable, maybe even broken?”

Can they really trust me to go on their last television show and compete, to perform?

And then you fans, everybody watching on the other side of the screen, there’s something unknown for all of you, because in two or three weeks from now, you have no idea where I’m gonna be. I don’t know where I’m gonna be, but I can tell you the atmosphere that I’m gonna go to.

I’m gonna go to a place that is my personal Arcadia, a place where I’m respected and valued, a place where I am free to be me.

And one of the cool things about wrestling fans in 2020 is this: they’re regardless of if I’m given the ball or not. They all know that I am an elite performer and I have the power and honor to make an impact anywhere I show up.

So, Randy, I need to ask you a favor: On Monday, legend killer, do your damndest, do your BEST to kill me off. Because I don’t think you can.

I am defiant and I believe I am forever.

I don’t think anyone can kill me off. I don’t think Randy Orton, Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard, Paul Heyman, Tony Khan, Joe Koff, Ed Nordholm. I don’t think anyone can kill me off, so, Randy, do your best to massacre me, slaughter me, kill me, MURDER ME, because on Monday, you and everyone else are going to learn that Matt Hardy is unkillable.

Hardy referred to some wrestling promoters, so it brings up some questions as to where Hardy will go after his contract ends with WWE. The references of Tony Khan, Joe Koff and Ed Nordholm could hint at a potential deal with All Elite Wrestling, Impact Wrestling and/or Ring of Honor Wrestling. Not mentioned: a potential run at NWA or that of one William Patrick Corgan.

Video courtesy of MATTHARDYBRAND on YouTube:

Hardy’s contract with WWE ends effective March 1.

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