Takeaways From The Wildcats Loss To The Roughnecks

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The Los Angeles Wildcats drop their season opener to the Houston Roughnecks 37-17. Los Angeles led at one point in the game 17-12, but Houston went on to score 25 unanswered points to win the game.

Wildcats starting quarterback Josh Johnson missed the game due to injury, so Charles Kanoff got the start for Los Angeles. Also, Jalan McClendon got some time as well at quarterback. Kanoff was starting after five practices; he played well to start the game. Kanoff finished with 200 passing yards, one touchdown, and another rushing touchdown.

Roughnecks Quick Passing Attack

The Houston Roughnecks did a great job utilizing the quick pass game. Quarterback P.J Walker did an excellent job getting the ball out of his hands quickly. Walker threw for 265 yards on 23/38 passing. Also, Walker passed for four touchdowns and threw one interception. Passing quickly did not allow the Wildcats pass rush to be a factor in the game. The Wildcats defense should have played a little more physical at the line of scrimmage to disrupt the quick passing game.

Nelson Spruce Shows Out

Nelson Spruce played an excellent game for the Wildcats; Spruce caught 11 passes for 103 yards. Spruce had some success in the AFF last season. If Spruce can keep posting numbers like this, he might be able to get back in the NFL. He had spent some time with the Rams, Chargers, and Chiefs. Spruce did a great job finding holes in the defense to make catches.

Spruce had this to say about the game,” There’s a lot of little things we can clean up, what we saw today is the after touchdown conversions will play a big part in this league. They make a big difference.”

Offensive Line Needs To Improve

The Roughnecks sacked Wildcats quarterbacks Kanoff and McClendon a total of five times in the game. Kanoff was always under pressure for the whole game. Los Angeles has some talented receivers, but you have to give your quarterback time to pass to get the ball in their hands.

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