Prospect Interview: Mikal Butler, Defensive Back, King’s College



Mikal Butler played his college football at King’s College in Pennslyvania, a Divison III program. He played in all four years of college and a three-year starter. He recorded seven tackles in a game against Wilkes this year, as well as having a two-interception game.

Balling with Butler

Mikal Butler
Credit: King’s Athletics

Mikal Butler, a 5”8 160 lbs defensive back, has great reaction and great speed. He runs a 4.48 40 yard dash, and his speed really shows on the field being a menace in the secondary.  He is shut down when he’s in the zone and plays great coverage.

Words with Butler

Mikal took the time to answer a few questions for me, and here is what he had to say!

Q: What was your favorite part of playing on the King’s football team?

A: Favorite part has to be the brothers I’ve made. The family I’ve made goes beyond football. They’d help me with anything. Best group of guys I’ve gotten to play with

Q: What’s your favorite memory of your college career?

A: Man, I’d have to say my Albright game of this past year. My first and only two-interception game. Plus, I just felt like our defense played so well. Everybody was eating!

Q: What’s your pregame routine like?

A: Awh man, I feel like it changed every year. Generally, I always set my pads up as soon as I get off the bus. Then after meetings, I put my bottoms on then warm up. One this that never changed is my dad would text me before every game. And before we went out for kick-off, I would read it, and it was something that got my mind right. I always knew he was rootin for me

Q: What are some songs on your pregame playlist?

A: My dad is a role model to me, and it always meant a lot. Some of my songs were trap house by NBA YoungBoy. Swag Surfin. Self-control by YoungBoy. Hot by young thug. Songs I listened to every weekend.

Q: What was your favorite college field you played at?

A: Probably Lycoming and simply because they had a jumbotron, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Got to see the replays and stuff

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?

A: I’d say, my parents. My mom and Dad work really hard so we can have nice things and always have my back with things. My Dad used to play at Wagner, and I try my best to be a better athlete than he was back then.

Parting Shots

I want to thank Mikal for answering my questions for me! Best of luck to him on the next step. You can follow him on Twitter @ButkerMikal.


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