Prospect Interview: Tre Coney, Reinhardt University, OL


Tre Coney, that’s a name you should remember. He played his college football at Reinhardt University, home of the Eagles. Coney is a 6”1 and 315 lbs. He’s a monster of an offensive lineman to go toe to toe with; he dominated defensive lineman every game he played in college.

College Days

Tre Coney

Credit: NFL Draft DiamondsAll through college, he would demolish guys. On YouTube, there are clips of him destroying guys in his way. Coney is a very physical lineman who could become an everyday name. He has the talent, size, and stature to do so. A team needs to give him a shot to protect their quarterback, and he will show he’s the right fit. He reminds me a bit of a Ramon Foster type player, a big guy, and very physical, which is awesome to have in the pros.

Getting to Know Tre Coney

Credit: Reinhardt Athletics

I had the privilege, to ask Tre Coney a few questions so you can get to know him and see why he’s a great player! This Q&A has some great answers (He even scored a touchdown!)

Q: What was your favorite college ball memory?

A: When I was at running back on senior day and scored a touchdown.

Q: What was your favorite college stadium you played at?

A: I would probably say Bethune-Cookman stadium when we played for a national title in 2017

Q: What’s your ultimate football goal?

A: To make it to the NFL

Q: Biggest Inspiration?

A: My mom

Q: Interesting fact about you?

A: I can dunk a basketball

Parting Shots

I want to thank Tre Coney for answering those questions for me! Be sure to look out for his name as we approach draft time, and he could be a lineman that becomes a big name. You can follow him on Twitter @Coneyboii64

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