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Dec 1, 2018; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs offensive lineman Andrew Thomas (71) blocks Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker Christian Miller (47) in the SEC championship game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to draft scouting, everyone seems to love the “sexy” positions like wideouts or running backs, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, the offensive lineman is where my heart lies. Below is a list I compiled of the top 5 offensive linemen entering into the 2020 draft.

Andrew Thomas OT Georgia

 Listed at 6’5 320 pounds, Thomas is a mountain of a man with thick legs and vines for arms. Touted as one of the best linemen in the draft and the top offensive tackle. Thomas brings speed and an extremely high understanding to protect the quarterback. He has shown a tendency to get beat off the edge from speed rushers. But it’s not due to his lack of speed more of his punch when he whiffs it leaves an opening for speed rushers. 

 His run blocking game is above average with his mobility, and power Thomas can move defenders at his will. His ability to get to the second level is what has scouts drooling in a power run scheme; this ability is advantageous and key to have. With Thomas acting like a chameleon and fitting in any type of system known to man, its easy to see why he most likely will be the first lineman taken off the board.

Alex Leatherwood OT Alabama 

 Leatherwood stands 6’6 and weighs in at 310 pounds. For such a colossal individual, this guy is athletic and is a mover. With enough punch to knock you down and enough speed to beat me in a foot race. Playing in a zone scheme would benefit him immensely in his growth as a future pro.

 Leatherwood is dominating at the LOS consistently using the defender’s momentum to turn them away. When he is at the second level, I will say a prayer for you at that moment 9.5 times out of 10, you will lose that battle in space. A couple of flaws are present in his game. With some experience, he can overcome one of the main issues is his hand usage whether he throws them out too late or gets caught leaning. If he is put in the right system, Leatherwood should make a fine NFL tackle. 

Ben Bredeson OG Michigan 

 One of the most experienced offensive guards in the draft (over 30 starts) Bredeson is an excellent prospect with a violent and malicious pulling guard mentality standing 6’5 and 324 pounds. Coming into the 2019 season, he saw two consecutive all-conference selections and rightfully so with his innate ability to clear the path for a runner and has a grizzly like mauling of opposing players. 

 Bredson is a bit of a hybrid guard playing well in passing and running schemes alike. In his pass protection, Bredeson offers a mean engagement disrupting the defender’s balance. In the running game, his zone-blocking sends fear in opposing defender’s eyes with his high block finish rate, and that said mean-streak mentioned earlier. The only quarrel I have with Bredesons’ game is his pad level issues at times you will see him scramble at initial contact to maintain position.

Netane Muti OG Fresno State

 Muti has all of the potential in the world for someone on the slight slide (6’3 307). He moves well and packs a great set of hands in pass protection, which is always nice to have in a guard prospect. Muti has one red flag that is concerning for me, and it is that Achilles tear that sidelined him all of last year. 

 Muti has since moved inside after being a tackle last year before his injury, which offers him that lower body flexibility that is rare to see in interior linemen. When and if he is drafted, I would be interested to see where he is placed. He might be the jack of all trades lineman moving from guard to tackle regularly. One thing I want to see Muti improve on before the draft is his ability to get to the second level more consistently if he can do this and stay healthy, he should make an excellent prospect.

Tyler Biadasz C Wisconsin

 Biadasz is coming from one of the best offensive lines ever to grace the NFL draft. Wisconsin has by far produced the most offensive linemen in recent draft history. Biadasz offers a lot in the running game this 307-pound man to put it simply will knock you on your butt and move on to the second level with ease. 

 An extremely heady player is Biadasz consistently calls out the Mike linebacker and can snuffs out crossing blitzes and stunts. Fellow line-mates have called Biadasz the glue that holds them together with his leadership and protection. Calling ability a team looking for an anchor should look at him on individual workouts. One glaring weakness in Biadaszs’ game can be fixed, and that is his delayed reactions on outside running schemes and screens some time with his line coach should fix that up in a jiffy. 


 All of these guys would make great linemen of the future within the right schemes and coaches by their side. Everyone has to remember without the right group of people and playcalling, no one can succeed. So take everything with a grain of salt and hope they all make it big in the NFL.

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  1. That should be good enough to get him back into the first round, where a lucky team like Baltimore can get excellent value on a starting “Mike” linebacker from day one.

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