2020 NFL Draft Early Quarterback Rankings



The 2020 quarterback class is an interesting one, Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Hebert are expected to go early in the draft. Still, some quarterbacks have played well this season and have earned their way into the first-round discussion. Quarterback is a critical position in the NFL teams will have to choose wisely when drafting these quarterbacks.

Justin Herbert   Oregon

Herbert returned to school instead of heading to the draft last year. It looks to be the right decision; he is putting together a solid season. Herbert is not flashy quarterback, but he has good arm strength and can make throws on every level of the field. The Oregon quarterback is athletic and can make quick reads and goes through progressions well. I think Herbert will be a better NFL quarterback than in college.


Tua Tagovailoa   Alabama

Everybody loves Tua and rightfully so, but i am not high on him as everybody else is. He excels in the RPO game and is good at reading it well. Tua is a very accurate passer; he has above-average arm strength. Tagovailoa is very good at touch on his passes in the intermediate game, and his ball placement is outstanding. I think Tua would be exceptional in the NFL if he can get to the right system that complements his skill set.


Joe Burrow  LSU

Joe Burrow has improved his draft stock a lot this season; he is a mechanically sound quarterback. Burrow has good deep ball accuracy and always gives his receivers a chance to make a play. He can fit the ball in tight windows and does the little things well like, sailing the play-action pass. Burrow’s pocket presence is outstanding; he has the ability to scan through the defense and find the open man. Last season Burrow was not that good reading defense. He worked on it, and it is paying off. If Burrow keeps playing well, he can go up in the quarterback rankings.

Jacob Eason  Washington

Eason is 6-6 and has a huge arm; teams will fall in love with that. Eason has not played much football at the college level; he played 12 games for Georgia in 2016 and showed some flashes. Eason was injured in 2017 and transferred to Washington to start.  Eason probably could use another year in college under his belt, but with his big arm and athleticism, teams will be willing to take a chance. This season he has shown some improvement with timing and the ability to throwing his receivers open. Eason had trouble doing those things early this season.

Jalen Hurts  Oklahoma

I may have Hurts higher than most, but im ok with that. I did not expect this from Hurts after his time in Alabama. At Alabama, he was not very accurate as a passer and didn’t look like a real quarterback at all. Since coming to Oklahoma he has improved, he has above-average arm strength and outstanding athleticism. Hurts accuracy has improved as well, could be due to Lincoln Riley system, which is reducing the difficult throws for Hurts to make. Now the big question can he translate this to the NFL. I think he can if he can get to the right system kind of like Kyler Murray is in.




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