AAL 2019 Awards-Midnight Edition

AAL Awards


The 2019 AAL season sure was one for the books, on July 10th the league revealed their own set of end of season awards as it showcased a lot of great talent, but I believe they left some players forsaken. I am going to present my rendition of AAL 2019 Awards.

The Coach of the Year Award was presented to West Virginia Roughriders coach Mook Zimmerman and Carolina Energy coach Ervin Bryson. I agree with this award being given to Coach Zimmerman and Coach Bryson. These two coaches carried their respective teams undefeated the entire season all the way to the championship.

The kicker selected as All-Star by the AAL was Jed Soloman of the Georgia Doom. Soloman is one of the most talented kickers in this league. He played college football at Troy, I remember watching him especially on kickoffs seeing him boot the ball at least 5 yards (4.57 m) deep into the endzone of the college field, and that happened pretty religiously. There are more talented kickers in this league than some may guess. Another top runner in this category has to be Anthony Prevost of the West Virginia Roughriders. He is excellent on hitting the uno on kickoffs and driving the ball very deep at least, and he is also excellent on field goals.

The Kick Returner of the Year award went to Noel Devine of the West Virginia Roughriders. This is no question the right move, Devine is an absolute menace when he gets the ball. On special teams Devine receives a kick off his automatic thought is running it into the endzone.

Offensive Player of the Year was handled a bit differently the league selected six different players, and they are as follows: Larry Beavers and Jarrett Brown both of the West Virginia Roughriders, Dakota Smith and Carrington Thomas both from the West Michigan Ironmen. Antwoine Thorpe of the Cape Fear Heroes, and wrapping it up is Gerron Bryant of the Carolina Energy. I think there can only be one true Offensive Player of the Year
and I would select Larry Beavers. Beavers is the definition of a nightmare, you cannot let Beavers get ahead of you, or he is gone. When he gets in the zone, there is no stopping him either. I’m honestly shocked that Beavers is not playing in the Arena Football League or a higher level.

The Offensive Line All-Stars were Steven Fluker of the Cape Fear Heroes, Leon Hill of the Carolina Energy, Zach Hooks of the Carolina Havoc and Jesse Sommel of the West Michigan Ironmen. The player that I like a lot on this list is Steven Fluker. He is a giant and one of the most forceful players in this league. One of the players that was snubbed was Zach Bergstresser of the Burgh Defenders. I believe the only reason he isn’t on the league’s list is that the Defenders didn’t win any games. Bergstresser at times he alone defended the whole defense line and made it look easy.

The Linebacker All-Star positions went to Cornelius Edmonds of the Indianapolis Enforcers, Brian Price of the West Virginia Roughriders, and
Fred Williams of the Carolina Energy. I personally really love the selection of Brian Price, Price was a massive asset to the Roughriders juggernaut defense.

Five players filled the Cornerback All-Stars. Ellis Lankster of the West Virginia Roughriders, Sayyid Muhammad of the Carolina Energy, Kevin Scott of the Jersey Flight, and Carlos Thomas of the Carolina Energy. I love the addition of Kevin Scott on this list. The Jersey Flight also seems to be a team that has been overlooked. A huge snub on this list was another Burgh Defenders player, Dashaun Dixon-Roberts, he almost single-handled controlled the whole secondary for the Defenders.

The Defensive Lineman of the year was awarded to these men Ryan Armstrong of the West Michigan Ironmen, Harold Love of the West Virginia Roughriders, Josh Smith of the Carolina Havoc, and Dequan Harvin of the Carolina Energy. My favorite on this list is Harold Love. Love sure loved to rip though offensive lines of all teams and lay a big hit on the quarterback.

All in all, the AAL made some excellent decisions with their choices to have All-Star honors, a few players you can argue were snubbed but no major mistakes.

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