Top Three Offensive Rookie Of The Year Candidates


The 2019 NFL season is filled with tons of good rookies that could win offensive rookie of the year. Now looking ahead to the season here are my top three:

 Kyler Murray  QB    Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray will be the day one starter for Arizona Cardinals this season. He fits nicely in head coach Kliff Kingsbury Air-Raid offense. Murray played in a similar offense in college at Oklahoma. The offense calls for a lot of quick passes and is known for stretching defense from horizontally. The Cardinals have some weapons for Murray to get the ball to. They have Larry Fitzgerald, who is returning for another season. Also, the Cardinals have David Johnson, who is looking to return to his two years ago form. It will be interesting to see what Murray does in an offense tailored to his skills.

Dwayne Haskins  QB Washington Redskins

I like Dwayne Haskins a lot; he fits a pro-style offense well. He is second on my list because quarterbacks have a better chance of winning the award. It will be hard because of the Redskins receivers lacking experience and production. But the Redskins do have a nice stable of running backs. Teams gang up to start the Redskins running attack, which will give the Redskins receivers one on one coverage. With that being said, there will be opportunities for Haskins to get the ball down the field.

Josh Jacobs RB Oakland Raiders

Josh Jacobs, with a strong training camp, should run away with the Raiders starting running back job. Jacobs has a good combination of speed and power, which allows him to stay in the game on short yardage downs. He also can catch the ball out of the backfield. With newly acquired Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams getting all the attention from defenses, it should open up running lanes for Jacobs. Hopefully, the offensive line can open up holes for Jacobs.


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