Potential Outcomes for Burgh Defenders Quarterback Issues

Burgh Defenders Quarterbacks

Credit: Megan Wood


The Burgh Defenders this season went through many different quarterbacks, you might know if you are a fan of the team, or if you have been reading my articles. I figured it was time to discuss the elephant in the room, with a full article on the long line of quarterback troubles for the Defenders and how they can fix that issue for next season.

Idea number one, scout out the local semi-pro teams for a quarterback. There are many hidden gems in the area in semi-pro playing quarterback. These type of guys would also be a low-end or low budget type of situation too. A great example would be a player like Scott Stone, who was on the Defenders at the beginning of the year. Another player in the same category would be, Poppy Montega back would be another great option as he is a great dual-threat option.

Another route may be to try to recruit a graduated high school quarterback from the area to play, who isn’t going to college. In the Pittsburgh area alone this could help out a very talented quarterback who hasn’t been given a chance to play in college, or maybe they don’t have the funds for college and still have the passion and grit to play, this could spark them into the next level and help a team out.

Option three is the least likely option but try to shop around for an experienced quarterback from another team, another league or a graduated college quarterback who didn’t get his number called to play in the NFL due to going to a small school. A few quarterbacks come to mind in this category, first being a quarterback who I have written articles about and I have taken the time to interview him, Ian Fieber. Fieber would be a superb option, great leader, great passer and everything about him shows he loves the game Although he has gotten the chance to play scarcely in the pros with the now-defunct AAF, Quinn McQueary could fall under this same category.

The Burgh Defenders quarterback position needs a good leader at the. These are some of the options and outcomes that I see happening. 

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