Defenders Take Flight to Jersey

Defenders vs Jersey

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Saturday evening, the Burgh Defenders will travel to play the Jersey Flight. The Flight are not a top team, and much like the Defenders, they earned a loss to the Reading Raptors have now won 50 in a row, an interesting fact for you.

The Burgh still will need to find a way to put points on the board which has been a massive issue. Again to address the elephant in the room, they need a quarterback, which I have heard no news of them signing. You need to score to win, and when you can’t score, you can’t win. Caleb Bell is not the answer; in no way am I say he is a bad player. Quarterback is not his position.

Dashaun Dixon-Roberts should be a significant asset in the secondary this weekend. Dixon-Roberts did very well against the Roughriders; the Flight are much worse, so he should have a field day. Nick Ornsby and Matthias Wells should also play a big factor, with pressure from Ornsby and a mid-depth shutdown from Wells.

Offensively, If the Burgh did not sign a new quarterback, I see lots of run plays with Marcus Littlejohn. Littlejohn should run through this defense with the big power he has; he is like a wrecking ball when he starts running downhill on defenses if they throw except lots of deep shots to Alex Noble. Noble when he is getting the ball, is elite. He is one of the guys to watch in this brawl.

This should be an interesting matchup, nonetheless. But, I still don’t see them pulling it out without a true quarterback.

Jersey Flight – 42 Burgh Defenders – 27. 

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