Defenders Get Dismantled: What Needs Fixing

Defenders get dismantled

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On Saturday evening, the Burgh Defenders got dismantled by the West Virginia Roughriders. The Defenders fell 74-0.

The offense looked good at the start and certain spots throughout the game. Alex Noble did have a long touchdown catch, but it was called back. Running back Marcus Littlejohn had a few nice runs which usually resulted in running through someone. Caleb Bell, the quarterback, looked rough all game, he was taken down for two safeties and seven Roughrider interceptions.

The Roughriders were on top since the beginning and never looked back. Larry Beavers took part in 7 touchdowns, one of which was rushing. Anthony Prevost had an Uno early on. Drew Bolton came in at quarterback for the last Roughriders drive and threw a one play bomb the full length of the field, to none other than Larry Beavers.

One of the bright spots for the Defenders was, believe it or not, on the defense with Dashaun Dixon-Roberts. He did take part in a fumble recovery and an interception as well. Dixon-Roberts played Division I football in college at Saint Francis University in Pennslyvania.

The Defenders need a quarterback, plain and simple. The Defenders said during the bye week they brought in Jaquan Green to play quarterbacks, but I suppose that didn’t work out, but it couldn’t have been worse than seven interceptions, and no touchdown passes.

Another spot that needs to be fixed is the kicker spot taken by none other than, Caleb Bell. Bell had one kickoff go about six yards, and the rest didn’t do much better. In the game of arena football, the kicker is crucial they can score in many ways; an uno from the kickoff, a dropkick for two points and field goals and extra points. Travis Paul started the year with the Defenders; he was much better than Bell and could boot the ball down the field. Paul may be injured; I am not sure because the Defenders have not posted an updated roster since week one of the season.

The Defenders need to at least score points to hold a fan base, and a reputation. Don’t jump ship just yet, and if they fill in the gaping holes they have, they could start putting points on the board. 

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