Battle on the High Seas: Sharks Feast on Pirates

Sharks feast on Pirates

Credit: Du More Films

Battle for Command of the High Sea

Since man discovered that wood could float, there’s been an ongoing battle to claim command of the sea.  Long ago, many goods and provisions were shipped from country to country via boat, but no departments were policing the waters. Bands of pirates were formed with the goal of pillage, plunder, and picket! Sometimes they were met with resistance by militant forces of well-established countries, and other times…they dealt with creatures of the great deep.

On Saturday night, May the Fourth be with you was the theme throughout the Arena Football world, as nearly every game that could be played, was! While the Carolina Cobras hosted the New York Streets donning nameplates of Star Wars characters, perhaps the more intriguing showdown of the night, was between the Jacksonville Sharks and Massachusetts Pirates. Twas the best matchup since Jack Sparrow took on the Kraken, the famed beast of Scandinavian folklore.

Credit: Disney. Screen Capture from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

His band of pirates abandoned him of course, leaving him to fight “Beastie” alone, and he was lost to Davy Jones locker. After fending off some mild Predators, the Massachusetts Pirates of the North didn’t expect a similar fate. But, alas, Siaha Burley’s band of ravenous Sharks made peg legs of the Pirates anyway, chomping their way to a 55-36 victory.  Sharks quarterback Jonathan Bane completed 24 of 34 passes for 223 yards and seven touchdowns–adding a rushing TD. He connected with his favorite receiver Devin Wilson on half of those completions for 103 yards and three touchdowns. Wilson has had 10+ catches in back-to-back games.

Search for a Captain

The Sharks defense was stellar too, sacking Pirates 2018 MVP quarterback Sean Brackett three times–forcing him to throw two interceptions. Brackett and the Pirates offense certainly don’t look the same as they did last year, where they averaged 55 points a game. This year, their high score is a humble 45.

After being down 42-16 late in the game, Brackett was able to lead a bit of a comeback, throwing five touchdowns, and pulling within 13 late in the 4th. But, Jacksonville kept biting, and the Pirates had to go the locker room licking their wounds. As Captain Hook once learned to never smile at a crocodile, the Pirates of Massachusetts learned not to underestimate a Shark attack!  Brackett’s decline suggests the Pirates need a captain who can lead the motley crew.

Credit: Disney. Screen grab from Peter Pan (1953)

A few more peg legs and eye patches were given to the battle-scarred team, as they go back to the mariner court to navigate the waters for another win.  At 1-3, they find themselves “lost to Davy Jones locker” in the NAL standings.  But, if Captain Jack Sparrow can come back, then “Arrrgh, Matey!”  So can these Pirates!

Perhaps they’d fare better on land versus the kings of the jungle. They travel to Columbus to take on the Lions on Saturday, May 11th. The game starts at 6:00 PM EST. Hopefully, Hook and Sparrow learned a thing or two about the enemy as the Pirates desperately search for a captain to lead them.  At the same starting time, the Sharks return home to host some venomous slitherers–the undefeated Carolina Cobras. 

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