Big Time AAF players Sign to NFL


A lot more names of have signed to with NFL teams including an AAF star quarterback. A lot of teams went for more than one player too.

Logan Woodside has signed to his new home in Tennessee with the Titans. Woodside was a total stud with the San Antonio Commanders under center. I had him second in my quarterback rankings only behind Garrett Gilbert of whom signed with the Cleveland Browns. Woodside has a great chance to start especially after uncertainty with Marcus Mariota.

The Titans also signed Keith Towbridge, a tight end. He will be a huge asset especially due to the Titans hit or miss tight ends.

The Panthers have signed Brandon Greene, T.J. Barnes, Parker Collins, and Thomas Duarte. Duarte, a tight end, will be a great help on the line too. He is a great blocking tight end. Big man T.J. Barnes, Greene, and Collins will help fill holes in the fallible Panthers offensive line.

The Steelers also had a big day in the AAF signings action. Pittsburgh has signed, Winston Craig, JT Jones, and Kameron Kelly. Winston Craig, a big defensive tackle will help them after the defensive line falling apart late in the season. Kam Kelly, an absolute shut down cornerback, should have an immediate impact because the Steelers seem done with Artie Burns, especially after signing Tyson Graham earlier in the week. JT Jones, a hard-hitting edge rusher will compete with Bud Dupree for a spot, and should be used in 4-3 defenses.

These are the teams that have taken full advantage of the AAF talent pool. Some other teams have taken just one, or two players. I will highlight those teams next. The NFL will be a lot more fun to watch with all of this AAF talent. 

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