AAF Troubles and Potential Folding


The Alliance of American Football League is in jeopardy of folding. The developmental football league broke numbers on their premiere weekend. The AAF has brought football back for an additional three months. However, the new league has suffered their share of lows. Last month the AAF was having issues meeting payroll. Current majority owner and the owner of the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes, Tom Dundon invested $250 million into the AAF. To keep the league afloat.

The AAF has been trying to bridge a connection between the AAF and the NFL players. Tom Dundon is seeking help from the NFLPA. According to ESPN, unsigned NFL players which include practice-squad players are free to join the AAF at any time. But the AAF would need the NFLPA’s cooperation to acquire a practice-squad player who currently is signed to a futures contract with an NFL team. For the AAF to be able to bring a different type of talent to the league, the NFLPA will have to grant them that access. Currently, that access has not been granted which is causing the AAF breakout talent and attractions to be on hold.

The NFLPA sent a representative that explained why the association is hesitating on allowing young NFL players to play in the AAF. The players association is concern about the risks in lending active NFL players to the AAF. According to Kevin Allen and Mike Jones from USA Today, “the players’ union is founded on the belief that using active NFL players and practice squad members for the AAF would violate the terms of the CBA and the restrictions that prevent teams from holding mandatory workouts and practices throughout the season. According to Dundon, the fate of the league will be made very soon. 

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