Loaning Players From The NFL To The AAF Could Cause Trouble

Credit: AAF


The Alliance of the American Football league has been making their mark in the world of Sports. The fan base has grown, and all eyes have been on the league and their success during their breakout season. There have been conversations about the NFL loaning players to the AAF. As exciting as this would be for AAF fans, it will be hard to do. NFL player contracts state that players cannot play in any other league without the consent from their team.

For the AAF to be able to engage in this arrangement, the NFL will have to make a change and allow all 32 teams to be able to authorize players to play in the AAF. However, this will become a legal issue when the XFL starts back up. If the NFL grants this access to the AAF but excludes the XFL, this can become an antitrust violation. To make this agreement possible, the 32 teams would have to decide for themselves, however, make sure they do not violate any antitrust laws. To do that, the NFL will have to be able to loan players to the AAF and the XFL. 

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