Three Takeaways From The Fleet’s Win On Sunday Night

Credit: San Diego Fleet

The San Diego Fleet won their home opener on Sunday night. They over can a nine-point deficit to beat the  Atlanta Legends of the Alliance of American Football league. The FInal Score was 21-12. The Fleet coached by former ST. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz pulled there record to 1-1.


Ran the Ball Well

The Fleet ran the ball well in this game using the two-headed running attack led by Ja’Quan Gardner. Gardner rushed for 104 yards on 15 carries. He also added two touchdowns and averaged 6.9 yards per rush attempt. Terrell Watson rushed for 49 yards 14 carries. Even starting quarterback, Phillip Nelson added 28 yards to the ground game. The Fleet totaled 185 yards rushing on Sunday night. The Fleet needed every rushing yard because their passing attack struggled. The offensive line did an outstanding job opening up holes for Gardner and Watson to run through.

Quarterback Woes

Quarterback Phillip Nelson started his first game with the fleet on Sunday night, he struggled, passing for only 142 yards on 14 for 30  passing attempts. He also threw one interception and only averaged 4.7 yards per pass attempt. Nelson did manage to make a no-look pass in the game that got completed, but it was pure luck. Mike Martz cannot be pleased from what he saw from Nelson, to run Martz system quarterback has to make throws on time and be able to scan the defense. The Fleets quarterback struggles to do both. Hopefully, as the season goes Nelson can develop to what Martz want at the quarterback position if not he could be gone because one thing I do know about Martz is he wants to throw the ball all over the field.

Defense Played Well

Takeaways of fleet's win
Credit: San Diego Fleet

The Fleet’s defense played well in this game holding the Legends offense to only 222 total yards, Legends quarterback  Matt Simms, the son of former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms completed 17 of 25 passes resulting in only 160 yards. The Front Seven held the Legends to just 82 yards rushing. The Defense was led by Shakir Soto who had three tackles, 1.5 sacks, and three quarterback hits. The Defense did well not giving up many big plays and keeping everything in front of them. I think this is a game that the defense can build on for the future. 

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