Who’s QB1 For St. Louis BattleHawks?


The XFL’s almost in full action, and football fans can feel the excitement growing with every day. A huge story has unfolded inside the BattleHawks organization. After another big addition to St. Louis quarterback depth, and all QB’s seem like high-end starters, who’s QB1?

Jordan Ta’amu

Battlehawks QB
Credit: patriots.com

At the beginning of the season, every team was allocated a quarterback. Jordan Ta’amu was that player for the BattleHawks. The Ole Miss QB comes in at 6 ft 3 in and 214 lb. After going undrafted in the 2019 and a short stint with the Houston Texans, the XFL was the next best choice. Ta’amu’s arm strength is undoubtedly a huge part of his game. He could easily push the ball deep downfield for any receiver that managed to burn a cornerback. His accuracy on the move is another thing to point out when talking about great things he has to work with.

But on the downside, his accuracy can be a little worrying when you talk about the missed wide-open receivers back at Ole Miss. He has the raw talent and decent arm talent.

Brogan Roback

Credit: Michael Allio, AP

Brogan Roback was the second QB addition to the BattleHawks roster when he was chosen in the round two of phase one in the 2020 XFL Draft. Roback has been apart of four different NFL teams, and he even got to play on the field a bit in the preseason.  This gives him a lot more experience in the professional leagues. He’s young, and the XFL can be a great environment to grow his game.

Taylor Heinicke

Battlehawks QB Tyler Heinicke
Credit: AP Photo/Don Wright

Taylor Heinicke is the oldest quarterback on the team, at the age of 26. He also has the most professional experience, including starting for the Carolina Panthers Week 16 of the 2018 season. His stats are very underwhelming in the NFL, only throwing one touchdown to three interceptions. He has definitely shown flashes of great play in NFL Games against lower-tier competition.

Nick Fitzgerald

Battlehawks QB Nick Fitzgerald

The latest addition to the BattleHawks crowded QB depth is Mississippi State star. His passing game may not compare to other quarterbacks on this team. But what he lacks in the passing game, he most certainly makes up in the run game, submitting himself as a dual-threat quarterback.

Heinicke is the most experienced out of the four quarterbacks, while Roback looks like the best leader on this team. Talent based, Nick Fitzgerald is the best dual-threat choice, and Ta’amu looks like the best passer. A very big decision will have to take place in these next few weeks about who’s the QB with no question. The question is, who is that QB?

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