Cam Newton Placed On IR

cam newton

On Tuesday, November 5th, Panthers fans across the country have got the news they have been dreading since week 2. Cam Newton has been placed on IR, which means the aging QB will be out for the remainder of the season with a foot injury. So what’s next for the Panthers? And what’s next for Cam Newton?

A Devastating Foot Injury

Cam first suffered a foot injury in the preseason, but it was brushed off as just a minor injury. Newton was back on the field in time for the week one matchup against reigning NFC Champions, LA Rams, but lost in a narrow defeat 30-27. Newton also started week two on Thursday Night Football in what was expected to be a one-sided affair in Panther’s favor. That was far from the case, and the Buccaneers won 20-14. Neither of the games did Cam look like his former MVP self, which was disappointing since Cam had surgery on his shoulder during the offseason, which was expected to help tremendously.

Cam Newton never played after week 2. News broke that he re-aggravated his foot during the game against the Bucs. Whether Cam should’ve even started in those two games with the coaches knowing he most likely was not ready to play is a different question. The real issue at the time, is when will get back the lovable Cam back on the field slinging the ball around, scrambling and running all over defenses, celebrating by giving balls to kids, and showing off his big and contagious happiness when playing football? The answer to that question, not this season.

Panthers Future

The Panthers went 0-2 when Cam started, which isn’t excellent but understandable after learning what he has gone through. Panthers backup QB Kyle Allen, on the other hand, has been playing exceptionally well, losing only one out of six games, which was to an undefeated 49res team. While the numbers don’t play in Cam’s favor, you need to acknowledge that the last time Cam was fully healthy, he went 15-1 and took his team to a Super Bowl. That was during the 2015-16 season, though, so it’s been a while. Both quarterbacks can lead a talented team like the Panthers to the playoffs, but the man of the future is impossible to tell right now.

Cam’s Future

It’s safe to say the Panthers have a difficult choice this offseason on if they want to keep their franchise QB Cam Newton or roll with 2nd-year quarterback Kyle Allen. If Cam’s released or traded, the Panthers will free up over 19 million in cap space for the 2020 season, which is a lot of money. Some teams that need a starting QB that might be interested are the Bengals, Titans, Bucs, etc. But it’s safe to say Panther Nation will never be the same without Super Cam.

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