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On October 31st, 2019 at WWE Crown Jewel, WWE made the seemingly impossible, possible. At a special press conference at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh on October 30th, WWE announced that the FIRST-EVER WWE women’s match in Saudi Arabia would take place at WWE Crown Jewel. This is a HUGE deal!

As some would say, this is a ground-breaking opportunity. Not only for the women of WWE but the women in the entire country of Saudi Arabia. The reason this match is so important is that normally, women are not allowed to compete in any type of sporting event in the country of Saudi Arabia. It is considered to be illegal.

At the Crown Jewel PPV on October 31st, 2019, WWE busted down this cultural barrier as they were the first to host a female wrestling match in the country of Saudi Arabia. This is a barrier that WWE has been trying to break through since they started doing PPV events in the country of Saudi Arabia.

Crown Jewel
Credit: WWE.com

The women’s match on the Crown Jewel card featured Natalya going head to head with Lacey Evans. This match reignited a familiar feud and served as a game-changing opportunity for both women. To show respect for the culture of the country of Saudi Arabia, the women came out respectfully dressed and not in their normal ring gear. Both Natalya and Lacey Evans wore black tights that covered the majority of their bodies complemented by larger tee shirts with their respective logos.

Surprisingly, this match was featured further down the card, coming just a few matches before the main event of the night. Being such a controversial matchup, it was thought that this might be featured on the kickoff show or closer to the beginning of the event, if not the opening match. This was not the case.

Crown Jewel
Credit: WWE.com

As far as the competition goes, this matchup was actually pretty exciting and very back and forth. This is a match that we’ve seen quite a few times over the past few months but did not fail to deliver in a match that mattered the most. Not only that, the crowd’s reaction was over the top with positivity. Wrestling fans, both men and women, were cheering throughout the match. In the end, Natalya picked up the victory over Lacey Evans. Following the match, both women hugged it out in the middle of the ring, raised each other’s hands, and showed a mutual amount of respect for each other. When talking about the Women’s Evolution, this is a match that most certainly deserves to be a part of the conversation as it will be written in the history books for the rest of time.

To get a glimpse of this historic match, watch this video:

How did you feel about this match taking place at Crown Jewel? Who would you have booked instead of Natalya and Lacey Evans? What do you think this means for the Women’s Sports in the country of Saudi Arabia?

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